Welcome to K9active

Hi my name is Zena I own a web site called K9 Active.co.uk which sells various products for active dogs, from dog coats, beds, collar & leads, ID tags and toys.

My own dog Amber is a very active three year old Belgian shepherd, who likes nothing better than going on long walks especially in the country or on the beach with her friend Chez, a still active 10 year old Weimaraner.

Living in Scotland where the weather can be very unpredictable with lots of rain; you know where I am going with this, wet and muddy dogs, a dog owner and their homes nightmare, I just couldn’t find hardwearing quality dog products that lasted. In the past I have purchased dog raincoats to try and cut down on the muddy mess but was never happy with them, they were either too long in the leg and I had to keep stopping to pull them up, or they would rip easily when Amber was running through bushes or playing with other dogs.
It was because of this I decided to have a web site of my own given other active dog owner’s good quality hard wearing products which I have been able to find. And so K9Active.co.uk was born……

Chez’s Dad Keith found a company called Hurtta which make dog coats, dog fleeces and dog raincoats. After seeing the quality of Chez’s Hurtta dog gear, I was impressed so much, that I ordered a couple of the dog overalls for Amber. That was last year and because of the inclement weather we have in Scotland Amber has hardly had her dog overall off her back, and they are still as good as new.

I had always wanted a dog rucksack for Amber after watching the TV program The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan. However, I could only find a cheap version of the rucksack which ripped after a short while. Again Keith found a company called Ruffwear which manufacture dog backpacks and other products such as harnesses and boots for when you go hill walking with your dog. I was very impressed with the quality and the durability of the rucksack so I got one for Amber. Amber and Chez took to the rucksack’s like ducks to water and never faltered when out and about on our walks or going to Country fairs, and seemed to enjoy carrying their own poo bags, water, treats and of course Amber’s ball.

My aim of my web site is to give active dog owners high quality, practical products such as winter coats for your dog, dog toys that are robust and last! So if you know of any products that you may think qualifies for my web site please let me know, as I am always on the look out for new and fun things to try out.

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