St Andrew’s Beach

It’s the time of year that you just want the sun to come out for a change.
We decided that we hadn’t been to our favourite beach for a nice walk for ages, so the first Saturday we had a nice day off, we went to St Andrews. The trouble with that was, everyone else had the same idea.

When we arrived, the beach was busy. At the far end, where usually you are only allowed to take dogs Blue Flag and all that, it was a lot quieter. We had taken Amber’s and Chez’s favourite toy the Ring-Zinger to see if it really does float, and of course it does.

I was a bit worried about throwing it in to the sea though just in case Amber decided she wasn’t going to retrieve it, and I knew we couldn’t rely on Chez to retrieve it as he won’t go in any further than his ankles. But I didn’t have to worry Amber went in to the water no bother and really enjoyed herself.

We even remembered to take the camera so you can see for yourselves how much fun Amber and Chez had on the beach.