K9Active events 2010

K9Active Tour Dates

The K9Active team will be Out and About this year at some dog shows and events in our local area.

Visit us at Scottish Kennel Club Championship shows May and August, Bark in the Park, Fife in July and the Scottish countryside festival at Glamis Castle in September.

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Price Reduction

We have introduced new pricing on all the wacky Walk’r products this month. The new pricing has reduced the cost of some of these fantastic shock reducing leads by up to 25%.

The Wacky Walk’r is ergonomically designed to minimise physical effort and discomfort whilst walking your dog. It is manufactured from the same 100% natural rubber tubing that has proved successful in the fitness industry. The lead has a unique flexibility which limits stress on both dog and walker, and offers welcome relief from the ‘jerk’ effect of traditional rigid leads. Check them out.