New Ruff Wear Spring Products

New Gear launch from Ruff wear for Spring 2011.

Now available to pre order is the new Ruff Wear Spring products.

New Tope Rope Collar

Inspired by those quick, on-the-go adventures, Ruff Wear’s new Top Rope Collar is ideal for dog lovers who like the convenience of always having the leash attachment point at the top of the dog’s neck for easy clip-in. The weighted, all-metal buckle provides ballast for the V-ring leash attachment, so it is always on “top”. A new silicone tag silencer (also available on the Hoopie Collar) is included to keep dog tags quiet.

New Redesigned Hoopie Collar

This Spring, Ruff Wear is offering several new options in leashes and collars.  Inspired by the Central Oregon lifestyle and landscape, Ruff Wear will offer both the Hoopie Collar and Flat Out Leash in four new patterns: The Cascades (green), Klickitat (orange), Topo (blue), and Lotus (pink/grey).