Get a look at Ruff Wear’s New Gear this spring

New dog gear from Ruff Wear

Ruff Wear are starting this Spring with the release of some exciting new products, we here at KActive are very excited with the new improvements Ruff Wear have made this Spring.

Headwater Dog Collar

This new dog collar from Ruff Wear is ideal for all those dogs that love and live near the water or like us live in a rainy climate.
This collar has a waterproof coating which makes the collar not only waterproof but stink proof and keeps it looking like new. Other excellent Ruff Wear features include robust and Proven reliable 4 point stitching method which is also used on parachute bridles and tie down straps. An anodized 1 piece aluminium V-ring provides a secure leash attachment and highly visible reflective pattern for night time visibility. Lastly a silicone tag silencer which reduces the jingle from your dogs ID tag.

2012 Web Master Dog Harness – Can it get any better?

The Web Master Harness has been an excellent multi-functional harness used for many different tasks and is regarded as one of the best available in the industry.
Amazingly Ruff Wear has managed to improve on this multi- functional harness by making it even lighter and more comfortable and secure for your dog while still maintaining all its innovative features and long term durability.
The Web Master Dog harness was designed to aid the lifting of search and rescue dogs when it was first released but has become more commonly used for mobility assistance in older dogs or to help the rehabilitation of dogs recovering from surgery. Another more recent use is in the fast pace sport of Canix, cross country running with your dog.

K-9 Float Coat – Premium Life Jacket

The new K-9 Float Coat is a premium, fully-featured life jacket for those dogs that just love the water or those that just like to get their paws  wet. Especially at the beach or those fast flowing rivers when your dog just wants to be beside you enjoying the water.
One of the most exciting features of the new K-9 Float Coat is the telescoping neck closure system, this allows for a wide range of dog sizes while remaining permanently attached and secure.

Palisades Pack – Ultimate Dog Pack Gets a Make over

Like the Web Master Harness Ruff Wear have improved on the already brilliant dog back pack. It’s now even lighter while maintaining its already innovative features and long- term durability.
The Palisades Pack now has two 1 litre collapsible hydration bottles making water storage even easier for those hot days and helping to balance the load for your dog on those long adventures. With the addition of the stash pockets at the top of the pack making it even easier to get at those well deserved treats.

With these updates and new additions to our site spring and summer 2012 should allow you to get out and have fun with your four legged friend.