New Additions to the K9Active Team

After losing our beloved Chez in July 2011, we had decided towards the end of the year that New Year 2012 was the time to add to our Family.  After a lot a deliberation we decide on two Weimaraner puppies, a little boy and a little girl. We have never had two puppies at once before and thought we should be fine having two running round but laughed thinking we probably will be wishing we hadn’t after the first week, but those big puppy dog eyes and waggy tails will make it all worthwhile.
Picking a reputable breeder isn’t easy, and the internet is full of so called excellent breeders and choosing the right one can be a bit of a mine field. Thankfully, a few years ago when we were looking for a Hungarian Vizsla puppy we found Rachel Savage of Silvestre Gundogs, and were lucky enough to get one of her beautiful puppies, who we called Blue (see more about Blue here). So when the calling for new additions came we had no hesitation in phoning Rachel and asking her if we could have two puppies from her beloved Brooke and Stanley litter.
The two little ones finally arrived at K9Active HQ at the beginning of March and are settling in great. Blue and Amber are getting used to having two whirlwinds in their face and are taking it very well. Amber is more tolerant, after all she remembers when Blue arrived, Blue on the other hand is used to being the baby of the family was not impressed by these two upstarts but after a couple of weeks he started playing with them. Mind you he still lets them know who the toy tester is and keeps taking the toys off of the pups if they look like their having too much fun.
We have decided to call the pups Skye and Kaizer, and already their characters are showing.  Skye is very confident and a little madam, Kaizer is so laid back he is often horizontal.
They are now having fun exploring our surrounding area on their daily short walks meeting all of Blues friends and making a few themselves.
It will only be a matter of time before they choose their roles at K9active and we’ll keep you updated on their progress.
Kaizer and Blue
Kaizer meeting the chickens
Why you should not forget to put them in their crate!
After the mess. We are so tired that was so much fun!!