Discover Dog Friendly Scotland

Discovering dog friendly Scotland with Grant MacKenzie of We Welcome Dogs

Do you struggle to find places that are dog friendly in Scotland? Are you searching for a pub to have a pint with your poodle? Or seeking a cottage with an enclosed garden to take your springer spaniel too? Well there is now a solution to your pet travel woes as We Welcome Dogs is Scotland’s brand new guide to dog friendly places.

We make it easy for you to get out and about with your four legged friend. Our guide features over 2500 businesses where pets are allowed, with more being added all the time. It includes hotels, cottages, pubs, self-catering, doggy day care, dog grooming, vets, shops, walks and more. The idea for the business came from having travelled throughout South and Central America and having seen how dogs are allowed in a lot more places abroad than there actually were back in Scotland. On my return home I got a puppy and then realised that there were some dog friendly places but there was very limited information on where they actually were. Thus We Welcome Dogs was born! 

From a cottage in the Isle of Skye through to a gastro pub in Glasgow’s West End we feature the places that are happy to welcome your pet. Luckily, there are now more and more dog friendly businesses throughout Scotland. For example, in Edinburgh, there around 100 pubs, cafes and a few restaurants where pets are allowed. More and more hotels are also now realising the potential of the pet tourism market and the pooch pound. Many businesses are waking up to the dog owner market and realising that it is an important target audience that will provide those all-important repeat visits, as dogs and their owners will vote with their feet (and paws) and come back to the places that truly welcome them again and again… 

In a first for Scotland we also have an app, for both android and apple devices so that you can access exactly the same information as is on the website when you are out and about. Another useful feature is being able to rate and review businesses that allow dogs so that if you visit a fantastic hotel or a charming pub then you can then let others know how pet friendly they actually are. All you have to do is register with us at the We Welcome Dogs website . So whether planning a weekend away or looking to go out for a coffee with your pooch visit our website and we will take the hassle out of planning your Scottish dog friendly holiday.


Find out more hereGrant Mackenzie, is founder of We Welcome Dogs and you can follow We Welcome Dogs on twitter twitter as well as on our Facebook page