Pet Blood Bank – Help save another dogs life

Did you know dogs can give blood?

Neither did we until we discovered Pet Blood Bank. The UK’s first and only charity of its kind that provides a canine blood bank service,
helping to save the lives of many loyal companions across the UK. 

Just as we can give blood to help other people, the same applies for our canine friends. Each time a dog gives blood it can help up to four other dogs. Two of our own dogs Amber and Kaizer regularly donate to the blood bank and love all the fuss the friendly staff give them. 

The Pet Blood Bank run collection sessions all over the UK where owners bring their dogs along to give blood. Each time they come they are given a full health check. It doesn’t take long either – on average 40 minutes, of which 10 will be for the actual donation itself. During this time, the donor is encouraged to lie down and relax with their owner by their side.

After wards they get a drink of water and some treats – the doggy equivalent of tea and biscuits, as well as a Goody bag to go home with and a bandana, so they can tell everyone that they are a life saver just like our Amber below.

If you think you can help or know a dog who can, please visit Pet Blood Bank website –

To learn more about their service and register your dog check out their locations for donation-

Or give them a call or e-mail – 01509-222-232

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter