The Trade Show – A Grand Day Out

We love a pet trade show. It is one of the many perks of running one of the best quality pet supplies stores in the business. Yes a trade show, to us, is like Christmas is to a child – full of wonder and the unknown.

Like anyone else who shares their home with a dog, or two, we want to buy every new bit of equipment, toy and warm weather clothing that we see. This is always, without fail, the case when we walk through the welcoming doors of a trade show. For once we are the customer and buying is on the agenda. It is, after all, only fair that we get to buy sometimes too.

The great thing is that we don’t only buy for us because we get the added bonus of buying for you too. So when we choose our purchases we take into account every breed of dog that you have, their coat types, the activities that you carry out together and how we are going to help you keep your dog warm, happy, playing and safe throughout the winter months ahead. Are you surprised that we love it so?

This time we had some amazing discoveries. We found Anco tree roots for a start. What a

great product they provide. Tree roots as a healthy, teeth cleaning treat and toy hybrid. The roots are taken from living trees and by a non-invasive method that does not affect the tree. In short the entire thing is completely ethical and great for our dogs. Available on our site soon.

Talking of treats we have stocked up on some Zealandia natural dog indulgencies straight from the shores of New Zealand. The company use only the best, most natural and ethical meats in their dog training morsels and teeth cleaning treats.

We have added toys to our range too, starting with a friendly and cute Turtle from Cycle

Dog that does everything from float, squeak and even dispense treats. Then moving on to, all new, West Paw Tizzy dog toy which is great for retrieve games, is guaranteed indestructible and is now available in tiny size.

Then after all the delights that go directly into the mouths of our happy hounds we took a look at the new equipment. With winter fast approaching, after all, we all need to be prepared for the gloom ridden cold days and night time that begins in the middle of the afternoon.

So we have added to our collar range with a bright shining LED collar cover from Nite Dawg. We thought a slip over strip would be perfect for those dogs that are not keen on changing their collar or wearing an extra one at hike time. Then we found Rok straps. Take a look at the lead and coupler that they offer in our store soon, they are simply genius!

Then to top it all we found, what we believe to be, the strongest dog car harness that we have seen so far. The

buckle design is that of Rock climbers, tree surgeons and linesmen. Yes the padded chest piece provides the comfort of luxury, thanks Kurgo. And once again Hurtta showed us something that we couldn’t resist – two something’s actually – so we added their ultimate winter warmer and slush combat suit to our range. We never tire of Hurtta and their endless high quality designs. Overall we think that our latest trade show visit was a great success. Why don’t you pop along to our sales area and tell us if you agree. As ever – we love your feedback!

Slush Combat Suit
Ultimate Warmer