Doggy Christmas Gifts – What will you Buy?

So does your dog believe in Santa, well he believes in you, but do you have any idea what to get him for Christmas?

Luckily dogs are generally grateful by nature so whatever we give them will result in happiness at least until they are eaten or worn out. But if your dog did have a specific gift in mind, if he had a wish list, what do you think would be on it?

We know that our beasties would certainly have one. Most things on it would be from our store too particularly the treats and toys section. They have a great fondness for both so I already know what will be first on the list;

  1. A Snoop Puzzle. They like the award winners, the very best, and these interactive toy designers certainly deserve their award. They wouldn’t stop there though, because clever as they are, our dogs would add to this particular order something merry to stick inside the Snoop. I can guess what it would be too.
  2. Turkey Delights or Chicken & Chestnut treats all the way from Cornwall. Hungry Hector treats have impressed us greatly but I think they have impressed the dogs more. Preferring to work hard for their treats is part of their nature. So if offered the choice of a soft baked biscuit on a silver platter or the chance to snuffle, nibble and tease one out of a great puzzle ball the platter would be redundant every time. I’ll keep my Christmas sherry and mince pie on it then!
  3. Next, each of them would love somewhere cosy and comfortable to lie whilst working at their individual Snoops. So a bed would most certainly be third on the list. Which suits us because that means there is more room on the sofa. So we now we have a decision to make, do they get treated to the luxury basket weave oval number or the country dog high sided waterproof bed. Both are cosy nests and great dog beds. Luckily though, because we have more than one dog we can get a nice selection of dog beds and they can work it out between themselves. No doubt they will all want to squeeze intro the same one.
  4. And let’s face it Christmas would not be the same without a stocking or selection pack, would it? That’s what the hounds tell us anyway so we have no choice but to get them one each. The k9Active stocking with its exciting selection of toys and treats will keep them munching and playing well into the twelve days of Christmas. The lucky lot.
  5. Last and by no means least with the worst winter on record being predicted, again, our dogs would like a cosy Ruffwear Jacket each. One that is windproof and waterproof to keep them warm and dry through the chilly days till spring.

We realise, and I am not sure if our dogs do, that they are the luckiest canines in the country. To live right in the middle of a canine exclusive pet store, to be testers for everything and have the chance to try all the warm weather gear for size. Let’s face it for a k9Active dog every day is Christmas.

If you listen very carefully you may just hear a bark of agreement.