Ruffwear’s New Season Product updates

Ruffwear have been busy working like hard over the last few months getting the new Spring/Summer 2014 range ready, with some new products and a few updates on their existing range of dog leads and dog collars.

New this season:-

The Sunshower – Waterproof Rain Jacket


Ruffwear followers may remember from a few years back the Sunshower complete waterproof raincoat. The new  jacket that does exactly that. They removed the hood from the previous version and created an oversized storm collar that can be folded for additional weather protection. This has allowed them to minimize bulk and create a better functioning product that’s easy to fit, wear and use.


The Kibble Kaddie


Resurrected from the Ruffwear archive. A product from 7+ years ago Ruffwear decided to revisit this again and bring this portable food carrier right up to date with the latest, greatest fabric and hardware. One of the coolest features is the magnet that makes dispensing kibble from the food chute lots of fun. Built from grease-resistant fabric and other features such as a stash pocket that stretches to accommodate the essentials.


Talon Hook


The connection to our dogs is often a physical one and Ruffwear strive to make those connections enjoyable for both our dogs and us. You may be familiar with the Ruffwear Talon Clip used on many leads since last year for the connection to our dogs, we’ll they have updated the human side with the new Talon Hook. Providing a more secure connection that also allows the leash to be hand-held, waist worn or secured around a tree or post. The new hook can be found on the 2014 versions of the Flat Out, Slackline and Roamer Leashes.


Crag Collar


Also incorporating the Talon Hook. The New Crag Collar offers a fresh and unique approach in collar closures. Strong yet quick and simple to take on and off. Durable design using Ruffwear’s own Tubelok webbing and featuring aluminium v ring and separate id attachment point.


Product Updates

Hoopie Collar


New designs and improvements to the tubelok webbing will keep this one of our most popular collar. Easy to use side release buckles and more.



Flat out leashFlatOutLeash

Durability and aesthetics come together with the new flat out leash. Featuring an adjustable padded handle, with the new aluminium talon hook. A waist worn or hand held leash to match the hoopie collar.


Roamer Leash


Ruffwear’s latest, greatest Roamer Leash is really a leap forward with their new Wavelength stretch webbing. This webbing allows the leash to stretch as your dog roams. Two sizes offer lengths including stretch to 7 feet and 11 feet. Adjusted to fit your waist allows hands free running in comfort.


Slackline Leash


Updated this season with the new Talon Hook the Slackline is an adjustable length lead from 3.5 to 6 feet with its ergonomic slider. An adjustable padded handle as on the Roamer and Flat Out leashes allow this lead to hand held or waist worn and includes handy features such as an accessory loop for pick up bags or small clip on items.


Singletrak Pack


Finally this season Ruffwear have updated the look of the Singletrak pack and made some improvements that allow the pack to be a sleeker, lower profile hydration pack with fresh new colours. Some great features are included such as two collapsible 0.6L water bottles that help keep your dog hydrated for the long haul and two external stash pocket for those essentials.



These great new products and updated features from Ruffwear will be available at the beginning of February 2014.

Pre-orders being taken now.