Crufts 2014 – The World’s Largest Dog Show

Dog lovers and their furry friends from all over the UK gathered together in Birmingham recently for the Crufts 2014 dog show, the Biggest and Best Celebration of Dogs. This major canine event, sponsored by Eukanuba, was established in the 1890s by Charles Cruft. It is more than just a dog show, it is the largest event of its kind in the world (declared by Guinness World Records) and it celebrates all aspects of our relationship with our canine friends.

Crufts is held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England and it takes place over four days, from Thursday to Sunday. This year it was held on the 6-9 of March.

This exciting event celebrates all types of dogs, from working dogs to police dogs to rescue dogs and much more. There are several competitions for skills and agility, including the obedience, flyball, heelwork to music and obstacle courses.

There are also hundreds of trade stands which sell a wide range of treats, food and products for dogs and dog lovers – making it a great place to shop for your pooch. There is also a section at the event called “Discover Dogs” where visitors can see an example of almost every breed and discuss the breed with a knowledgeable dog owner.

The 2014 Crufts Winner

The winner of the 2014 competition was a standard poodle named Afterglow Maverick Sabre. Known as “Ricky”, the beautiful fluffy black dog has had a very successful career in the US and the UK. Ricky was bred by handler Jason Lynn and his partner Mike Gadsby at their home in Preston, Lancashire.

In order to qualify to compete for Best in Show, a dog must have already been qualified throughout the previous year by successfully gaining a top three place in a Championship show that is licensed by the Kennel Club. Or, if a dog has a Kennel Club Stud Book Number they will become qualified for life. There are several different classes that dogs can compete in, including Veteran, Special Junior, Special Puppy, Yearling, Post Graduate, Mid Limit, Limit and Open.

After the Best of Breed has been determined, they will then compete against the others in their Group (such as Hounds, Terriers, Toys, etc.) The seven Group winners will finally compete until the “Best in Show” is determined. The winner receives a solid silver trophy and £100.

After his win’ Ricky’s owners have stated that he will retire from dog competitions in the UK.