Doggy Day Care – The Benefits

Are you wondering how to keep your dog happy when you leave him alone? Perhaps you would like a dog but work full-time or maybe your circumstances have changed leaving you wondering whether you need to look for a new home for your beloved pooch whilst you tackle longer working hours.

The canine crèche is evolving and it is perfect for dog owners that have to work full-time yet can otherwise offer a wonderful home to a dog.

The presence of Doggy Day care has literally doubled in the last few years. What does this type of service offer though?

What is Doggy Day Care?

Designed for people that have to be out at work all day this service is literally day care for your dog. Whether it is run as a business with a set of kennels or by one person who takes one dog at a time really makes no difference.

The best types are the canine crèche that includes long walks and playtime because this will meet all of your dog’s social needs along with wearing him out whilst you are at work.

Some boarding kennels offer the service, this is sometimes carried out as a short kennel stay though and not as beneficial to the dog as the canine crèche type of environment.

A Good Day Care For Dogs Offers ….

So how can you tell if the day care you are considering is a good one? Well there are some things that you can do to be sure that your dog will be happy and cared for during the day.

  • Go along for a visit. Any good canine care facility will allow visits from potential clients. If possible drop by unannounced because this gives the organisers no time to prepare, and will give you an idea of how things are run behind closed doors.
  • Check the experience of all staff that will be looking after your dog. Check References, any ethical dog carer that has been working with animals for a while will be happy to provide a whole host of good references. It is important to check them.
  • Ask to see the activity schedule of the facility. By taking a look at the type of day your dog will be part of you will be best placed to make a decision as to whether this particular day care is the right one for him.
  • Ensure that the centre is prepared for emergency. Whether a dog becomes ill or there is an accident every professional facility should have a contingency. Insurance and access to a vet at all times should be part of the standard canine care policy.

It is a good idea too to check whether activities can be catered to your dog’s personality. After all if your beloved pet is scared of other dogs then you wouldn’t take him to a park full of inquisitive canines and leave him to fend for himself would you? A day carer should treat your dog in the same way that you do and it is important that you make sure this is so before taking him or her along.

On a final note, when you find a great doggy day care, you will have peace of mind for a long time to come.