The Dark Park – Saftey on Winter Dog Walks

The dark winter months are looming in our not too distant future, as the days begin to shorten and the nights grow longer we have to face that the winter is not so far away, dog walking becomes a different thing in the winter time.

Gone are the long, lazy afternoon of summer and the comfortable evening walks through to ten o’ clock or even later. It’s time for a few months of dark dog walks in a place that’s, in reality, rarely a winter wonderland.

When you are at work all day and have to walk the dog in the dark it is vital to think about safety for both of you! If you live in an urban area the park can be a grim place after dark and it is certainly worth taking some precautions like the ones described below;

Carry a personal alarm, they are pretty easy to get hold of and will alert passers- by if you   need help.

Be aware that dog theft in some cities is becoming common, so keep hold of your dog if he is extra friendly as it’s certainly not advisable that he runs up to strangers in the dark.

Take a mobile phone wherever you go too, just in case of emergency.

Invest in a good quality light collar for your dog. Cheaper ones can fall off, break, lose           power and your dog can suddenly vanish.

Carry a strong torch to both see where you are going and the area around you.

All of these are good precautions when you are out and about in the dark. The other thing you can do is seek other dog walkers and arrange group walks for the winter months. Group dog walking adds the bonus of canine socialization to the advantage of safety in numbers.