Canine Health – An Alternate View

If you are the kind of dog owner that feeds well marketed, manufactured food without reading the composition and goes off to the vet for a booster, flea treatment and wormer then when your dog is showing signs of ill-health you may believe you are doing exactly the right thing to keep your dog healthy, it’s what we are told to do after all.

We are living in an epidemic of canine ill-health though and our dogs are developing serious disease more, and younger, than they ever have before so I ask you now to further analyse your approach.

Feeding Time

Dog food manufacturers over the last few years have reached new heights of deceit in marketing, we are sold useless nutrition in pretty bags of promise. Reading the ingredients of your dog food is most important, research what each ingredient means, you will be surprised.

Taking a look at the fuel that you give your beloved dog’s body to strengthen his immune system and make new, healthy cells is one of the most important parts of caring for a dog.

The Vet

Veterinary care for our dogs has been under scrutiny for its use of vaccinations, chemical based parasite prevention and pharmaceutical medications and overlooking kinder methods for a while now. Ask yourself, why do vets work so closely with pharmaceutical industries?

Canine health vaccination is a hot topic at the moment. We are told by many veterinarians that vaccination ad yearly boosters are absolutely necessary to keep our pets disease free. We have to ask though, why? An initial course of vaccinations is pretty much essential as the diseases vaccinated against are deadly and can be fatal. A yearly booster though, is this really necessary?

A booster attacks the immune system of our dogs, leaving corrupt cells within their bodies with more power to multiply and cause illness. Sadly it is vital to look away from your veterinarian and towards the motives of the veterinary industry as a whole, then find your own balance.

The Holistic Vet

Out of conventional veterinary medicine a new type of veterinary surgeon is emerging. The holistic vet that prefers to focus on the whole dog, the canine diet and immune system, as opposed to treatment of symptoms of ill health as they appear. The holistic vet uses a mixture of conventional veterinary medicine and highly effective, non-invasive, vitamin and plant therapy catered individually to each patient.

Canine Health Essentials

Whilst researching canine health, again and again, I have found the same few things to be highly essential for a healthy happy dog. A good diet free of allergens, preservatives, nutrition depleted ingredients and poor quality animal produce such as meat ‘meal’ or ‘animal digest’.

Multi vitamins, essential fatty acids in the form of Omega 3 oils strengthen the dog from the inside out and digestive enzymes ensure effective nutrient absorption.

Avoidance of chemical treatments unless absolutely necessary and replacing them with natural, health giving, vitality providing plant based tonics will transform a weak immune system to a strong one, an immune system that can actually fight allergy and illness within the body of your dog, even before the symptoms appear.

So why not take a look at natural care and digestive health for your dog? You will certainly not regret it.