Nasty Dog Habits

Living with dogs is a tough job isn’t it? Yet someone has to do it. You know I’m joking don’t you, we are both here after all because of a mutual love of the canine species.

Regardless of dog hair in the dinner and paw prints on clean clothes we still love them. We have put together a little overview of the things we put up with from our dogs, take a look, do you recognise their nasty little habits?

Peeing on Each Other

Go on you know it happens, two or three of the dogs in the family find a nice place to sniff and one decide to mark it as their own. Unfortunately this often happens whilst another is still snuffling around the area, leaving an offended peed on head or muzzle, dripping, yes it happened here just this morning.

Peeing in General

It may be just one of mine that does this, but the act of lifting that leg just before he comes in through the front door is too much of a habit to ignore. We call it ‘setting the alarm’ because he is a bit jumpy and in his mind that particular leg lift is indeed, in his mind, making the entrance to his home far more secure.

Eating Bad Things

Like toddlers, dogs like to put things into their mouth. They have no concern whether their new treasure has been dead for a month or they have found a ramblers ‘public convenience’. How many times have you seen something hanging from those jaws that you wish you hadn’t?

Whether is decomposed, dead, rotted, or excreted they will eat it and enjoy it. Dog owners that also live with cats will undoubtedly have experienced the results of a raided litter tray too.

Rolling in ‘Scented’ Treasure

A left over habit from the dogs’ ancestor is the art of rolling in something not so nice. Fox poo is a great example of this but dogs are rarely fussy. If it smells they roll in it and do so with gusto.

You know the signs, a small black, tar-like, smear on the ground leads to a swift head dip. The word “no” is barely from your lips before the dog’s neck is smeared and the hound is trotting around proudly spreading their whiff like it’s an expensive perfumed oil.

The dog owner with a ‘regular rolling’ canine eventually develops an art to deal with the habit. The infrequent or opportunist roller always catches their person unaware. How many times have you hopefully hosed a hound with a bottle of water yet still smelled the stink all the way home in the car?

Love of Green Water

The water loving dog will not give two hoots whether the pond they head for is stagnant or fresh like spring water, particularly in the summer. It’s at the point of immersion that the smell replaces fresh air around you. Then when the green monster emerges from the not so deep, slimy and proud, you realise that yet another bath is in order.

Our dogs are so delightful. Would we swap them, even with their nasty dog habits, no, definitely not!