Tribal dog treats come to K9active

In true K9Active fashion we have found yet another wonderful, independent pet food supplier. Wanting to keep our dogs happy and healthy we love to source natural treats that we know our dogs would love and Tribal dog treats fit the bill perfectly.

Tribal Pet Foods are a family business that slow bake their nutritionally perfect and tasty dog biscuits in order to unlock both the flavour and the nutrients. Take a look at all of their unique offerings, your dog will love them. Best of all Tribal Pet Food treats are made from 100% natural human grade ingredients.

Take a look at the wonderfully tasty treats we’ve added today:

Beef & Tomato Dog BiscuitsBeef & Tomato Tribal Dog Treats

These completely wheat and gluten free dog biscuits made from beef and pureed tomatoes will have your dog asking for more – and more. Tomatoes in pureed form offer an increased amount of lycopene which is a fabulous antioxidant known for providing a huge boost to the entire immune system.

Coconut, Banana & Peanut Butter Dog BiscuitTribal Dog Treats

Coconut oil is one of the ingredients that is rapidly increasing in popularity because of the discovery of rare medium fatty acids in its composition. The fatty acids are great for metabolism and maintenance of good mental health. These banana and peanut butter flavoured gluten free dog biscuits with added coconut oil are great for maintenance of naturally healthy metabolism and great overall canine health.

Tuna Dog BiscuitsTribal Dog Treats

Natural tuna and gluten free flour are combined with flaxseed oil in this fishy dog biscuit which is great for the dog’s heart. Containing polyunsaturated fatty acids plentiful in both flaxseed oil and tuna this is a great treat for the dog that needs extra cardiac attention.

Chicken & Flaxseed Dog BiscuitsTribal Chicken & Flaxseed

Tribal pet Foods’ tasty chicken and flaxseed biscuits are a fantastic, skin and coat boosting, addition to the treat tin of any dog. Containing omega 6 which specifically makes dogs shine and with no what or gluten in sight these dog biscuits are the perfect allergen free treat.

Cheese, Carrot & Sunflower Seed Dog BiscuitsTribal Cheese

Sunflower seeds are packed with vitamin E which is essential for great cardiovascular and immune system health. Many commercial dog foods don’t contain vitamin E in the amount that will really benefit your dog so why not top it up with this tasty and cheesy, carroty treat.

Liver & Lavender Dog BiscuitsTribal Liver & Lavender

Liver and lavender dog biscuits are a tempting and yet calming option for your dog. Liver is a great source of Coenzyme Q10 which is promotes heart health whilst lavender is an age old remedy to settle anxiety. The aroma of the lavender plant is a wonderful addition to this tasty dog biscuit which also has added olive oil and rosemary extract.

Apple, Mint & Ginger Dog BiscuitsTribal Apple

Specifically designed for fresh breath and a settled stomach the Apple, Mint & Ginger Dog Biscuits from Tribal Pet Foods are a wonderful treat cupboard addition. Ginger is known for its calming properties whilst apple freshens the breath and mint is universally used to gently ease and enhance digestion.

With such a great range of treats filled with 100% healthy natural ingredients why not treat your dog to a gluten free, healthy Tribal Dog Treat or two every day.