EQDog meets K9Active

As you already know, here at K9Active we are always looking for new talent in the market of dog equipment. We also have our eyes on great food, healthy dog treats and super quality dog wear for even the hardiest hounds.

When we found EQDog we were very excited. EQDog is a fantastic new dog focussed company founded by professionals and formed to create and provide the very best canine equipment available, so of course we wanted to stock it.

So we very quickly added EQDog to our product range.

EQDog Flexi PackGreen-M-Side

The first thing we added was the Flexi pack, because every healthy dog likes a job and carrying his own kit into the hills is certainly a role he can excel at when he is wearing the flexi pack. A doggy backpack with complete comfort that attaches carefully to the EQDog pro harness leaving the dog with no idea that his mid hike snack is riding along on his back.

EQDog HarnessingReflective-Top

Yet of course if you want a Flexi pack you also need a Pro Harness because the two go together perfectly. The Pro Harness is the ultimate in comfort and will work perfectly as an everyday harness, canine work wear, in fact for every function you can think of. The Pro harness is super comfy, easily adjustable and really safe, even when your dog gets his wriggle on.


The Classic Harness from EQDog is another great hiking dog harness that is wonderfully comfy and easy wearing, which is exactly why we wanted to stock it. If you are looking for something great yet deliciously simple for walking your dog in then this may easily be the harness for you.


EQDog Swimming KitA---Thumbnail

Although the world beyond our window is currently alternating between sunshine, rain showers and even crispy diamond shaped hailstones we are hoping these long summer days stay for as long as possible. A great way to keep your dog cool in the sunshine is to take him swimming.

If your dog loves to swim, paddle or simply splosh around in the nearest lake then EQDog have something for you. Starting with a buoyant and superbly made Pro Life Vest. The Pro Life Vest by EQDog is created to support the swimming dog and give his human complete peace of mind. Whether you are taking a boating holiday this year, having a lakeside lodge retreat or simply live by the beach, the Pro Life Vest is a great addition to your dog’s summer kit.

This is a great item of equipment for the older dog too and those which go to hydrotherapy for their joints or to get over injury. The buoyancy of the Pro Life Vest aids the dog to gently rehabilitate his joints and muscles whilst putting less strain on the organs within his body.

A Towel with a DifferenceSide-View

When the swimming is over, or you have been caught in that inevitable shower you will need to do something with that soggy dog, before he smells the car out and shakes all over you.

This is where we get to show you the EQDog Doggy Dry coat. Keep this to yourself but this is my personal favourite of the whole range. I mean, how many smelly old towels have you handled in your lifetime? How often does your poor old washing machine chug away, whilst filled with heavy and wet dog towels? Plus no matter how hard you rub the dog is still soggy.

The Doggy Dry Coat is the answer! Before you put your pooch in the car after a swim, or when you have bathed him at home, simply pop this wonderfully soft coat on and it will soak up all of his excess drips. It is worn just as a coat or canine sweater would be, it even has a belly strap and fits closely high up on the neck for maximum wet coat coverage. The EQDog Doggy Dry Coat is the water loving dog owners, soggy dog coat dream.

Do not worry though, if you prefer a towel, because EQDog have thought of you too. The Quick Dry Towel is compact and brilliant. This is a tiny yet super absorbent dog towel that soaks up all of the drips quickly without taking up the back of the car or all of the space in the washing machine.

My Dog Won’t SwimCoat-on-Display

Just because a dog is delicate in the water does not mean that he can’t keep cool in it. Similarly if the hills are dry and the dog is hot EQDog have thought of your dog too. The Cool Dog Coat simply needs dipping and placing onto your dog like a usual jacket. It holds in moisture, moves heat away from the dog’s skin and keeps your pooch cool right until the coat needs dipping again.

The cooling vest is a relatively new design in dog wear that keeps getting better. EQDog have designed the best cooling vest on the market. This is something that you can use to keep your hound cool even on the brightest days thus prolonging the walk and making the most of our often scarce summer sunshine.

Hot Floor – Sore Paws4-season-shoe-socks

Finally with walking on warm surfaces in mind perhaps it’s time to think about those delicate paws? Rock, concrete and even trails get really warm in the midday baking sun, yes even here in Scotland! By kitting your dog up with a set of comfy canine shoes you can prevent burned pads, sore paws and uncomfortable walks.

The 4 Seasons Shoes from EQDog will help your dog stay comfortable during summer walks and when the time winter arrives they will still be going strong for salt, grit and ice protection in the deep dark winter months.

So there you have it, a whole range of exciting goodies added to our store from EQDog, why not pop along and learn more?