Dog Training – Excessive Barking

Does your dog bark too much leaving you desperate for him to just let up – for at least a moment? Perhaps you don’t know why your dog is barking and need some help to understand why he is hollering the house down? If so, read on for a better understanding of why dogs bark and what you can do about it.

There are a few different reason for the dog that barks. Here are some of the more common ones;

Spook Barking in Dogs

Dogs that spook bark are usually worried about something in their environment. This type of barking usually occurs after a lack of puppy socialisation. The puppy that has not learned to be happy in a lot of situations is less likely to spook bark.

When socialisation has not really occurred properly, or the dog has learned to actually be scared, then socialisation can be a long and arduous process. If your dog spook barks then the underlying cause for this is a lack of social skills.

You can change this by gently increasing your pet’s social contact and building his confidence in situations where he would usually spook bark.

Barking for Attention

Many dogs bark for attention, usually from the people that share their life. Attention seeking behaviour is something that the dog learns, usually by accident, because attention has been given when the behaviour has been displayed.

If your dog barks for your attention and you consequently talk to him or pay him another type of attention then you are teaching him to bark for your attention. The only thing to really do in this situation is take the attention away. After a while the dog will realise that barking doesn’t work anymore, yet he will probably try harder before he gives up altogether, so be aware of this and don’t give in for when the behaviour gets worse that means it is on the way to getting better.

Barking through Boredom

Any dog that has not been walked enough, used up his physical and mental energy or has excess energy left over at the end of the day is a suitable candidate for boredom barking.

The boredom bark can be the monotonous, excessive noise that never stops or it can be that act of jumping up at every sound and barking at the wind or passers-by. The latter will be based upon the lack of opportunity to use excess energy whilst the former is just a case of the dog showing that he is unhappy, lonely or generally fed up.

The best way to stop boredom barking, regardless of manifestation, is to give the dog more to do. Longer walks, more training sessions and playtime with other dogs will all prevent the dog becoming bored and subsequently vocalising the outlet for that boredom.

When you have a better idea of exactly why your dog is barking excessively then you will be far better equipped to cope with and eliminate the behaviour.