Canine Sleeping Systems – Dog Beds With A Difference!

How many dog beds do you have? We love dog snooze areas very much, I thinks it’s a given addiction when you live with dogs. Come on admit it how many times have you drooled over a dog bed, bought it on a whim and realised it only serves one purpose, to decorate your living room minus a dog.

Most often in this house dog beds go unslept in because there are so many of them. Yet it has been purchased and looks lovely so you must use it right? Despite the dog sticking to his old faithful bed that you don’t want to throw away because there is still life and stuffing in it.

I have a very old dog bed in my lounge that was bought for a dog many years ago who has long left, but I won’t get rid of it because it’s sentimental. I yearn for a dog sofa one day, even though they already have their own human sofa. Yesterday, when I learned that they exist, I began yearning for a dog sleeping bag.

Yes they are in the world, did you know? We have recently received a new range of dog beds from Ruffwear and one of the new designs is a sleeping bag for your dog. I’m pretty much in love with this idea.

The Ruffwear Highland Sleeping Bag is part of a three point complete canine sleeping system and created for the outdoors. With its own stuff sack and a delicious round shape it’s so cute it makes my fingers tingle a bit. The entire Ruffwear sleeping system includes a foam Landing Pad, a Highland Bed and the aforementioned bag of canine cosiness available seperately.

LandingPad_GraniteGray_Top HighlandsBed_MeadowGreen_TopHighlandsSleepingBag-open

Designed with the outdoor pursuit driven dog in mind the complete system offers protection, comfort and warmth all in one. As with all Ruffwear products it is designed from the best possible materials and for the worst possible weather so if you intend taking your hound to basecamp then don’t forget his sleeping system.

What if you are not taking your dog to basecamp though and maybe he’s getting on in years making the park the furthest he wants to go? Surely there must be an excuse to buy one of these wonderful inventions anyway? I think so. Even if you don’t need a canine sleeping system indoors because your house, like mine, is full of dog beds why not add a bag to each bed? How wonderful!

Now, as a disclaimer I’m really not trying to sell you anything here. I’m really not. What I am doing is exploring my own need to invest in the Highland Sleeping Bag. A need of which I have none, yet like most of the other dog beds that I possess, this topic is not really a matter of need. It’s more a matter of want.

Come on help me out here, take a look at the product page and tell me that you too are not intrigued and enthralled by the Highland Sleeping Bag. It is after all the ultimate dog bed accessory and a cute, tempting and compulsive bag of snuggle.

Oh stuff it, I’ll take three!