A Life With Dogs

A Life With Dogs – Dirty, Awkward And Full Of Love!

Can you imagine a life without dogs? Perhaps sometimes when you are wiping the greasy smear tracks from the bottom half of the wall, for the third time this week, you wish your home was different?

A house that is dog free has a lot of positives doesn’t it? It stays clean a lot longer for one. Secondly you are not forced out in all weathers by a whining, bouncing beast with big brown eyes. Thirdly you don’t have all that worry in the pit of your stomach when one of the dogs gets ill or leaves altogether.

Imagine what it would be like if you could open the front door without making sure the residents do not mob whomever is ringing the bell? Without that constant movie interruption because the dog wants to go out despite interludes at the cinema being a thing of the past.

Imagine being able to hoover less and relax more? Eating your dinner without that row of big eyes looking at you making you feel guilty. Can you imagine the beauty of being able to finish your own meal without having to divide that last glorious mouthful into small portions that match the number of dogs in your home?

What a clean, simple and frankly boring existence that would be.

Compare a stark and empty home to a constant heartbeat at your feet. That happy smile that is consistent, even if he is consistently cheeky. Dogs and people have lived together for a very long time and there is a reason that the hound is labelled man’s best friend. He is indeed our best friend.

Dog’s offer love, loyalty, friendship and amusement. They don’t ask questions and they tell no lies.

The dog spends his time waiting for you, looking at you, being your pal and your comforter when you need it. He is willing to be your eyes, your ears and your protector. He has empathy and a sense of fair play alongside being the only ‘person’ that will truly keep coming back no matter how mean you are to him. Petting a dog has been shown to lower a raised heartbeat – how amazing is that?

People have flaws, faults and fickleness. Dogs offer love, loyalty and constant friendship. He will always be there and he will always be fair so what’s a bit of hair between friends?

As anyone that has ever loved a dog will tell you, it’s a relationship like no other and if they are honest they will also admit that the highest quality contribution to that relationship is made by the dog. So if I was to ask you again how much those grease stains matter would you choose a clean wall or your dog?

I’ll take the dog, the mud, the hair and the friendship please! I know a good thing when I see it.