Puppy Farm Revisit

As it’s been in the news quite a lot lately we thought it was a good time to revisit the puppy farm topic. Puppy farming is still a very lucrative affair where dogs are kept in poor conditions and repetitively bred from for money.

The puppy farm is usually quite a big place that houses a lot of adult dogs, it’s usually tucked away somewhere obscure and potential dog owners are allowed nowhere near it. Puppies are instead sold on classified sites and through pet stores, often delivered to their new homes quite sick and certainly not as mentally or physically developed as they could be at a few weeks old. Yet still people buy them.

In April 2015, BBC Scotland aired an investigation and report on the sick trade called “The Dog Factory” Which exposed Scotland’s biggest dog trader. News stories pop up every week of saddened dog owners that bought a puppy from a seemingly good home only to find out the dog was extremely sick, some puppies even die within a few days of being in their new home.

At the beginning of August 2015 a gang of puppy traders in the Greater Manchester area were jailed/given suspended sentences for selling puppies to unsuspecting new owners that totalled many thousands of pounds. They each earned £50 commission for every puppy they sold and this could total to £8,000 a week in some cases. None would state where they sourced the sick puppies from whilst being questioned in the courtroom.

Organisations working against puppy farming have backed a survey created by Naturewatch for sharing information and puppy buying experiences. The survey is thought to be the biggest ever of this type and exists to gather information on the sales of puppies all over the country with a view to locating and investigating potential puppy farmers.

It is vitally important that puppy farming is investigated in this way. Not only do the breeding dogs live desperate lives and often never see the sunlight or receive veterinary attention the puppies are usually ill too.

A mixture of stress, fear, poor food and lack of care leaves puppy farmed dogs sick. They miss out on vitamins from their mother’s milk, simply because her worn out body has none from her diet. They also absorb the stress hormones that the mother dog produces along with being in a high risk environment for the spreading of bacteria and disease.

Puppy farmed dogs also miss out on essential social learning. They can’t develop with sociable and sunny dispositions because they never get the chance to be social or play in the sun.

Puppy farming is a cruel, sad trade that needs to be stopped for the sake of the dogs at the very least.

If you are interested in learning more about the survey or have bought a puppy in the last six months please click the link shown here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=lwoiu2Fj8SFK1gtJCvat9HYXxCzTJXMm9U6eHKlBTgo%3d