5 Things Great Dog Owners Do

Dog ownership comes with responsibilities doesn’t it? We take our dogs to the vet when they are ill, we feed them a food that they like and we make sure they get enough exercise. Yet caring for a dog goes much deeper than that, take a look.

There are a few points that make up the difference between good dog owners and great dog owners. These points are very simple yet so many people forget about them.

5 Steps to Great Canine Care

  1. Check the food bag. By taking complete responsibility for what goes into the bodies of our dogs we are able to take the best care of their health. Dog food in itself is terribly misleading and though it promises great health on the front of the packet the ingredients on the back often say something different entirely. Great dog owners look at the long words on the packet and research every ingredient that they need to, so that they know exactly what is going into the body of their dog.
  2. Research canine health. Responsible dog owners look into canine health as a whole because they know that the veterinarian is just another person too. The person living with a dog is the one most likely to notice small changes, great dog caretakers carry out plenty of research on both what could be wrong with their dog and how many ways there are to help him. Veterinary manuals, natural health and nutritional knowledge via established books are always at the fingertips of a great dog owner.
  3. Learn proper canine communication. This is the only way to really bond, learn the science behind how dogs are conditioned by their environment. Great dog owners don’t look to a trainer for the basics, they go out there and learn how to communicate with their puppy or rescued dog from the day he comes home.
  4. Don’t over vaccinate or apply excess parasite treatment. Vaccination protocol is changing and great dog owners know this. A yearly booster and monthly spot on treatments can leave the dog’s immune system open to all kinds of attack from cells of disease. Great dog owners know this and step out of the cycle to look for better and healthier options.
  5. Social and mental stimulation. Great dog owners offer their dog a lot of social contact with others of his species. Dogs are group animals that need each other to be truly happy. Whether there is more than one dog in the home and/or daily walks include many canine friends it’s vital that dogs get the social and mental stimulation that walking the dog brings. In addition the physical aspects of walking will keep a dog in great health.

So there you have it. The five things that great dog owners do as a matter of natural dog ownership. Each of these will benefit the dog and make him truly healthy and happy.

Are you a great dog owner?