Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas Time – For Topping Up Your Dog’s Stocking

We love Christmas at K9active, not just because we get to buy Doggy Christmas Gifts for our own best friends but because we get to choose new things for your dogs too.

Once again the stores and supermarkets are packed with food treats of all shapes and sizes. Before you pick up an innocent looking bone, treat or chew stick though, take a moment to consider the ingredients and how they can so easily affect the health of your dog.

Mainstream, commercially widespread, dog treats are popular yet many of them are made from terribly poor ingredients and just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean your dog should eat rubbish food, which is why we only stock premium Christmas dog treats, with your best friend’s health in mind.

So what have we got in our 2015 Christmas dog treat store? Take a look:

Hungry Hectors Dog Treats

A varying treat selection made from natural ingredients, slow baked in a wood burning oven, makes Hungry Hector dog treats a wonderful gift that is both delicious and superbly healthy for your happy hound. No nasty ingredients can be found in these dog treats, just great food and love: isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Green and Wilds Christmas Gift Sack

Green and Wilds Christmas Sack is an all in one gift to ensure a happy hound this festive season. Antler Powder (75g) Fish Cubes (75g) Ox Liver Deli Bites (40g) and Venison Snacks (75g) combine in this superb sack of healthy goodness that will last your dog right into the new year.

If you don’t want to splash out on a sack, or prefer lots of little gifts for your dog this Christmas, Green and Wilds are offering single dog treat packs for your best friend to have lots of gifts to open and why on earth not? Take a look in our Christmas store for the options.

Hatchwells Selection Pack

The Hatchwells Selection Pack developed with Carob, a healthy and safe chocolate alternative, was so popular last year that we sold out well before Christmas. So if your dog has a sweet tooth and because normal chocolate is lethal for dogs why not get him a selection pack of his very own?

This Hatchwells Christmas Dog Treat Selection Pack is wheat, gluten and cocoa free. So why not order your Canine Christmas selection pack today, we are likely to run out of this special doggy selection pack quickly again this year.

Then of course there is the Billy and Margot’s Christmas Cracker, a Ding Dong Bell and an array of Chuckit balls to refresh your dog’s launcher this Christmas.

Christmas Dog Toys

Every dog should have their own special dog toy this Christmas and we at K9active have plenty to choose from.

For the chewers that need something strong to fetch and chomp on we have the Orbee Tuff Snowball and Orbee Tuff Coal. Both of these super strong toys are bouncy, resilient and a great deal of fun. Or why not let your dog loose with the interactive Fetch and Treat toy by All for Paws. This is an amazing interactive retrieve game and superbly priced for a toy of its type and quality, go take a look.

For the squeaky lovers amongst us we have again chosen to stock the Snowman and Gingerbread Man by Planet Dog, they proved so popular that we had to bring them back this year.

I could rave all day about the wonderful toys in our Christmas shop as there is so much I have not covered, so why not go and see the exciting doggy grotto for yourself, right here!