Going Wild for Green & Wilds

Why not take a little look around our dog treat store today? We have a new and exciting range of goodies, just in time for Christmas for perfect for any time at all. Green & Wilds dog treats are so scrummy and healthy that your dog will love them, nearly as much as you love him.

When we first encountered Green and Wilds we simply knew we had to stock them. We only stock the very best and want to make healthy teats available to you and your best friend, as much as we can.

We decided on a mix and match of Green and Wilds treats. The first set of tasty morsels, the ones that all dogs should regularly munch, are fish based.

Why is Fish so Healthy for Dogs?

Fish is wonderfully healthy for dogs because it is packed with Omega 3 oils and essential fatty acids. When you treat your dog with our range of Green and Wilds fish treats you will be helping to keep that heart healthy, ensure strong eyes and vision plus help with healthy brain development. Yes it’s true, training sessions will get better when your dog is rewarded with those brain boosting Omega 3 packed treats.

We decided on a varying selection of fishy treat sizes so you can choose little tiddlers for those with tiny teeth or cod fillets for the dog to have a good old chew.

Meaty Chunks and Chews

Green and Wilds are also our new favourite for meaty chunks and chews. All made from slowly air dried and super tasty, completely natural fresh meat these tasty treats will boost your dog’s motivation during training and health as a whole.

Antler Powder for Health

Green and Wilds Antler powder has us intrigued. Made only with naturally dropped, ethically sourced antlers, from free ranging deer you will be surprised by the health benefits of this wonderful supplement.

Packed full of natural minerals and nutrients Antler Powder comes in a ready sprinkle pack perfect to add to the top of your dog’s dinner. With health benefits that include a strong metabolism along with healthy bone and cartilage assistance your dog or dogs will literally sparkle with health shortly after you start adding this superbly natural supplement to daily meals.

With so many dog treats concentrating on enhancing flavours and scent of foods, as cheaply as possible, it can be easy to fall into the trap of unwittingly feeding your dog something that’s actually quite unhealthy. Many foods are treated with colours from scary sources and this type of additive can easily affect the behaviour and well-being of your dog, not to mention his physical health.

You will find no poor quality dog food or treats at K9active though. Green and Wilds dog treats are simply the latest addition to our wonderfully well thought out, naturally good for dogs, happy and tasty treat range. You can trust us to have your dog’s health and happiness at the heart of everything we sell.