Winter Holiday’s with the dogs!

Holiday in a Winter Wonderland – With the Dogs!

It’s the end of the summer, we have to admit it and that only means that it’s time to take a different kind of winter doggy holiday. Unless you’re a survivalist and your dog likes the cold and wet, camping is out for a while. So, let’s take a look at your options for dog holidays in the winter months.

A Holiday Cottage

Cosy and warm with an open fire and lots of blankets, a holiday cottage is a wonderful choice for a winter holiday. There are so many options too because many of us take our main holiday in the summer leaving beautiful cottages, in pine covered mountains, free for most of the colder months. A lot of holiday cottages welcome dogs too, so why not take advantage of some low prices and take a doggy holiday in the snow?

Just imagine it, hiking in the morning then coming back to a snuggle friendly cottage for a warm bowl of soup and afternoon with a book, in front of a blazing fire, with the sun going down behind the mountains around you, perfect.

Camping Pods

If you and your dog are a little wilder than that there is always the option of a camping pod. Camping pods, or wigwams as they are sometimes called are the sturdier version of tents and are actually very cosy once you are tucked away in.

Great for hikers, camping pods are usually found in small or larger numbers on traditional campsites, usually made from natural wood. Some are simply the pod with a heater whilst others are equipped for comfort and have beds, kettles and even microwave ovens. The campsite showers and facilities make it an easy holiday, much like traditional camping but warmer in the winter.

Dog Friendly Bed and Breakfast

There are some wonderful dog friendly bed and breakfasts around for winter holidays. Like all other holiday hosts they get quiet in the winter too so it’s a great opportunity to get out and explore without too many tourists around.

Whether you choose a two night stay or a festive week in a small town in midwinter, with plenty of mulled wine, a winter holiday with the dog or dogs is a great idea, often the cheaper option and most hosts will welcome you with open arms.

Remember when you are travelling with the dog to ensure you take all of his gear too. Even though it might be nice and warm when you leave the weather is unpredictable and changes in an instant. We can have hot sun in one moment and freezing rain in the next, it will always catch us unawares too. So along with your own winter clobber and a summer outfit just in case, remember to pack for all of your dogs needs too and never take the risk of leaving your friend it the car, in case the sun sneaks out to play.