Christmas Food Banks

Christmas Food Banks – Don’t Forget The Dogs

Sadly, food banks are becoming commonplace in our society. People are presenting at hospitals with malnutrition whilst others have more than they will ever need. We walk around the shops and see trolleys piled high with food and pointless things, yet what about the ones that cannot afford Christmas, and what about the dogs?

They say we are all only two pay checks from homelessness.  We have a houseful of dogs that love their comforts, I can’t even imagine having to choose between feeding us, them or staying warm through the cold winter. In comparison to some people our little family is very lucky indeed.

We donate to foodbanks at Christmas. As far as we are concerned we have enough to be comfortable, we have enough to offer others that are not so fortunate the same comfort too. We also donate doggy packages to help people to treat their pets when times are hard.

Can you imagine not having the resources to pay your rent, feed yourself, buy even cheap dog food? Cold, hungry and desperate is no way to live and certainly no way to spend Christmas. So we put together a few packages that can sit in food banks for people that have pets at home.

I’ll let you into a secret. I used to be a shopaholic, years ago when I had a traditional job and payday was once a month I would get that magical high (or so I thought) from gathering up things. My heart would race at the till and I would feel happy and high for a few moments before the inevitable crash. I thought that things were the key to happiness, just as many do.

Then I learned something.

The act of shopping for yourself is empty. Having a wardrobe full of new clothes is hollow, you only need one gadget, one sofa, one bed. Anything after that does nothing for the heart. Giving is where the heart smiles and giving to strangers makes the heart bigger, I’m certain of it!

There is something truly magical about giving, if you have not tried it then do so right now. Give something away, but something for someone and expect nothing in return. Perhaps put a bag of dog toys and treats together then take them along to your local shelter. Find your local food bank and use some of your own budget on others. Christmas will be nicer for you if you do.

We never see where these things go or who dog enjoys them, but we know that somewhere at Christmas we have made a difference to someone and their pet and to us that’s worth far more than having enough food to feel sick on or buying excessive gifts for each other.

Can you imagine how it would feel if times were tough and someone, that you had never met, treated you and your dog at Christmas? What a wonderful feeling that would be!