Winter Walking Gear For Dogs And Owners

Winter Walking Gear For Dogs And Owners

Wherever you are in the country it’s time for those long and dark dog walks. If you’re in our local area then you can add the word wet, very wet. It might be time to update your winter wear for dog walks and maybe even your dogs, so let’s take a look at winter walking gear for the upcoming months.

It has been raining in Scotland for nearly two weeks now. Whilst most of us tolerate the wet weather, for it is part of our lives, very few people actually like it. Even some dogs prefer to stay home as opposed to slithering through mud and soaking wet grass whilst attempting a walk of miserable proportions.

Winter dog walking gear is split into three areas:

  1. Your comfort
  2. Your dog’s comfort
  3. Safety

Dog Walker’s Comfort

Cosy shoes and an all over dry suit is required when you’re regularly out for dog walks in the cold weather. It saves washing everything the moment you get home when you can simply strip off and outer layer until next time.

It’s really worth investing in a pair of shoes that hold their grip on everything from mud to ice, snow and slippery wet grass. For one slip can cause chaos in the winter.

Dog Comfort

Every dog deserves an outer layer that protects them from the rain. Investing in a waterproof dog coat is great for your dog’s comfort along with the cleanliness of your home and furnishings.

Some dogs are simply not meant for wet weather and their breed makes them far more suitable for the sunshine, or happier staying home. Yet every dog needs exercise so be sure to wrap them up warm and snug when you take your dog into the chilly winter air.

Boots are also a good idea for some. Cold icy snow on the paws can really upset the inner peace of some pooches. So get your dog used to booting up well before the snow falls. Salt and grit is another reason for protective doggy footwear, it can cause severe illness if the dog licks his feet after walking on salt or grit and make sensitive pads very sore indeed.

Winter Dog Walking Safety First

When you are both ready, dry and comfortable it’s vital that you can be seen on those winter walks. Choose reflective wear if possible and even a dog coat with loops that you can attach lights to, if your walking areas are particularly glum or you have to walk alongside busy roads, be super safe.

A light up collar is a good idea on those dark afternoon forest walks. By putting just some extra effort into making your dog visible you have the benefit of peace of mind on dog walks.

So, remember that comfort and safety combine to make those necessary winter walks as tolerable as possible. Take some time to choose your winter dog walking kit, along with your dog’s, then you can both really enjoy the season.