Flower Remedies for Dogs

Flower remedies for dogs are a wonderful addition to every canine care kit. The initial designer of flower remedies Dr Bach did a wonderful job over many years of creating remedies from nature that absolutely heal the emotions.

There are 38 flower remedies created by Dr Bach and the most popular one is Rescue Remedy. This is a five flower formula created to have an overall quick and effective calming result on the dog’s emotions. Rescue remedy is a good addition to the dog’s first aid kit as even in emergency situations it can calm the over stressed dog and make him feel much better.

Dr Bach was an amazing man with such a strong belief in natural health that he managed to stay alive long after a 3 month diagnosis and prognosis for a ruptured tumour within his body.

In actual fact he lived for twenty more years. During these years he created, tested and tried the flower remedies that we see in health food shops today. Dogs have been benefiting from a number of these remedies for many years and it is even possible to attend The Bach Centre in Oxfordshire to learn his secrets.

Up until the last twenty years or so dogs have not been accredited as having much emotional capacity at all. But recent explorations have shown that dogs have a wonderfully complex emotional life of their own. Which is exactly why Bach Flower remedies work for them too.

“Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us” – Dr Edward Bach, 1936

The remedy types that can help dogs include:

  • Helianthemum (Rock Rose) which can help with severe fear or panic and is perfect for those dogs that are scared of storms, fireworks and thunder. This remedy will help the dog to settle at times when he would normally become stressed and extremely panicked.
  • Cherry Plum for the excessive barker or dog who has lost control of his own actions. The remedy is used in order to assist the dog to gain self-control over his actions and become more focussed and careful.
  • Heather for the dog that continually needs to be the centre of attention. This remedy allows the dog to relax and not be needy or demand attention. It can also help with clingy behaviour and lack of self-reliance.
  • Larch for the dog that needs a nudge towards being more self-confident. This remedy is good for dogs that have little self-belief and need some help with learning something new and placing trust in their own abilities.

Flower remedies really work for dogs and people alike and if you are having any problems with your dog’s behaviour then you may benefit from treating his emotions with a calming and suitable remedy designed by Dr Bach.

For more information on Bach flower remedies, the courses offered at the Bach centre and to read the story of this wonderful naturally focussed doctor visit the website here: http://www.bachcentre.com/centre/drbach.htm