Kurgo in Focus

K9active interviews Kurgo.

Kurgo is one of our favourite manufacturers and for good reason. We love their products and their attitude. So let’s introduce them as part of our manufacturer interviews.

What does your brand stand for?

Kurgo is committed to helping people get out and enjoy the world together. We believe in the power of Go Together and that life experiences are so much better when lived with your dog. That is why we have developed a line of dog travel & outdoor products that make it more convenient, safer, and more fun to be active with your dog. We also focus on innovation and quality, backing that up with a no hassle Lifetime Warranty.

Where did the brand begin?

Dogs have always been a big part of both of our lives. We brought them everywhere with us as kids and even as we became adults they were a fixture on family trips. Zelda was Kitter’s beloved Plott Hound. She had a mind of her own and often tried to nudge her way into the front seat.

On one trip, a short stop threw her to the floor of the driver’s side where she ended up wrapped around the pedals. This inspired Kurgo’s first product, the Backseat Barrier. Now she’d be safe in the backseat, and we’d be safe in the front. We realized that lots of other people were traveling and being outdoors with their dog, but they needed solutions to help make it more fun and safe for everyone.

With this first product, we saw many other areas where dog travel products were needed and invented products to serve those needs.

Why this particular product range?

It came out of our own practical needs in our life and a passion for having dogs be a part of the family. With each generation, there has been an increased humanization of dogs moving from living outside on the farm to an outdoor kennel shelter to a laundry room to the foot of your bed. With this has also come the desire for people to bring their dogs with them wherever they go and especially on outdoors trips. We were able to take our passion for dogs to focus on this particular market need and growth area.

How big is your product range?

We manufacture over 250 SKUs in the dog travel and outdoor categories. Everything from crash-tested car safety harnesses to car seat protection to dog backpacks and dog boots.

Are there any individual dogs associated with your brand?

Zelda, Kitter’s Plott Hound, was the original inspiration for our first product and she still lives on in our logo even though she is no longer with us. We have many other office dogs that serve as models for our product and the depiction of our brand.

Is your founder still working within the company?

Brothers, Kitter & Gordie Spater, founded the company and still direct the day-to-day business. Kitter serves as Chief Creative Officer and oversees Product Design, Product Manufacturing, Creative Design, and Marketing. Gordie serves as Chief Business Officer and overseas Sales, Operations, Finance, and Marketing.

Do you have any famous customers?

Over the years, some celebrities have been spotted using the Kurgo brand. However, we do not have any formal relationships with any famous people.

What are the future plans for the company?

Our plans are to continue to develop high quality products that help people get out and enjoy the world with their dog. We continuously evaluate the market and talk to customers about how we can make that easier, safer, or more enjoyable.

Thanks guys for taking the time to share your ethos with us, we look forward to a long and happy relationship with Kurgo, why not take a look at their products in our store?