Ruffwear 2016 What’s New

Ruffwear Straight Into Spring

We are absolutely delighted to bring you the new products and designs from Ruffwear 2016. As one of their top fans and with a massive interest in what they will bring us next, we get to sell new Ruffwear goodies at the moment they are made.

We feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity and to share it with you! So, what brand new and innovative products are Ruffwear bringing us this springtime, let’s take a look:

The brand new Grip Trex Boot design stands out as the perfect canine footwear for long hikes this summer. Super high performance design allows air flow, comfort and high visibility along with accident prevention and protection of pads on long happy hikes.

Blue Spring
Red Currant
Obsidian Black






Frisco Leather Collar
Frisco Leather Lead

The Frisco collar and Frisco lead combination are super cool yet traditional, for the dog which suits the classic look. Waterproof and with an inbuilt tag silencer, the Frisco collar has been designed to withstand the test of time and is a really fantastic quality leather dog collar, courtesy of Leather sourced from Pittards. The collar is finished off with the age old equine buckle style aptly named the Ruffwear Crux buckle, an easy use single piece anodised aluminium fastening and D ring. In addition the 4ft lead is perfectly matching and smartly finished with a soft and supple handle for comfort.



Headwater Collar
Headwater Lead

If you go on a lot of wet weather walks, or your dog likes to swim, the new Headwater Range from Ruffwear should be your collar and lead of choice. This is perfect canine wear for wet winters and long muddy walks. Created from soft, waterproof material the Headwater collar and Headwater leash will resist grunge and come with endless summer swim sessions, yet still look brand new.

The Headwater range provides a matching 4 foot lead for close control and soft, comfortable handle, no matter how wet it gets are just some of the plus points of this leash. It’s waterproof coated and made from soft yet sturdy 20mm woven webbing. A sturdy Talon Clip and handy accessory loop finish this new design to perfection.

Finally, we saved our favourite for last, the shiny new Brush Guard from Ruffwear is here. If you use a Ruffwear harness or pack on your outdoor dog, then the Brush Guard is for you.

Keep your dog’s tummy scratch free by adding the brush guard to protect the underside of his tummy from prickly bushes, mud and anything that can harm that perfect skin, you know, the bits we like to kiss!

Brush Guard
On Harness

We have seen nothing like the Ruffwear Brush Guard for quality and design. Frankly we are surprised it has taken someone so long to invent this fabulous bit of kit, so don’t miss out will you.

The new products from Ruffwear, out in February, added together can kit our dog out for the summer in a brand new style. We always look forward to the best and most innovative kit for ourselves, with a summer of hiking ahead, why not do the same for your dog?