The NewTrix Halter

The NewTrix Halter – New To K9active

The dog that pulls on the leash is usually in need of some training. There are other factors involved though and this is why we have decided to stock the NewTrix Halter as part of our dog walking equipment range.

When a dog pulls on the leash it can be a stressful experience for both dog and guardian. There are many types of pulling dog and their behaviour can actually be quite dangerous. Only recently I read a BBC news article of a man pulled into the road, by his little dog, who died from head injuries later that day.

There are other problems with pulling dogs too. People tend to avoid walking them because it is always such a bad experience. This leads to the dog that is packed full with energy and starts to show anxiety based behaviour in the home due to lack of outlet for his excess energies. This leads to excess barking and destructive behaviour, some people even give up their dogs because they believe they are uncontrollable.

The collar and leash combination can cause serious damage to the neck of the dog and the slip leash has even been twinned with the development of throat cancer if a dog pulls continually.

The NewTrix Halter is a wonderful bit of equipment because it’s kind to the dog and can stop the pulling instantly. Then the guardian is free to walk the dog when they please and also carry out proper training on the leash without the risk of being pulled around and not being able to regain control.

How the NewTrix Halter Works

Unlike many dog halters which can twist the head and neck of the dog this one is gentle and literally guides the dog carefully into walking at a steady pace. It wraps around the head and nose of any dog (that has enough nose to use it) in order to only tighten when the dog pulls, then relax as the dog relaxes.

When it does tighten the Trix Halter exerts pressure inly at the back of the dog’s head, not underneath like many head worn items of walking equipment. It’s a kind halter designed with compassion for the dogs that wear it.

Designed to work as the car seatbelt does this halter only tightens when it meets pressure so is very comfy unless the dog pulls on the leash.

Fitting the NewTrix Halter

It’s important to take care to fit the dog halter in a positive and compassionate way so that your own pet does not become worried by it. Start by putting it on him and leaving it nice and loose then offer him treats or playtime for a short while then take it off again. Repeat this a few times so that your dog is quite happy to be wearing the halter before you go out or a walk. Ignore any pawing at it and only take it off when the dog is happy wearing it, otherwise he may learn that pawing is the way to get the halter taken off.

When you go out for a walk ensue that the halter is loose enough for your dog to open his mouth and pant. We are not trying to restrict anything but the pulling and it’s vital for your dog to be able to pant as it prevents serious overheating.

Used properly the NewTrix Halter is a wonderful invention with care and comfort of dogs in mind.