Dog Grooming at Home

Dog Grooming at Home – Straight Haired Dogs

If you are looking for some tips to clip and groom your dog at home, look no further. The style that we are going to describe here is suitable for spaniels, steers and other breeds with long hair, whether you are clipping them or not.

Many people with spaniels clip the hair away on the body and leave some feathering on the legs, then trim that tidy too. It’s quite an easy process.

Clipping a dog with straight hair is not too difficult. The most important thing to do is ensure that you have a good clipper set with a suitable length blade. Many groomers use professional clippers. Research your clippers well by checking reviews and match them to the hair length that you would like to create.

In addition to clippers you will need a cool air hairdryer, a slicker brush, a pair of sharp scissors and a set of quality clipping or blending scissors. All are available online quite easily.

Here are the steps for creating a style that will suit your spaniel, setter or even long haired collie amid other breeds:

  1. Find an image of your dog’s breed which is styled in the way you are looking to style your own dog.
  2. Wash, condition and blow dry your dog completely, clean hair is much better to work with, particularly if you are using clippers. Straighten the long hair that you will be styling, with quick brush strokes and directed blow drying.
  3. If you are going to clip your dog, then always follow the line of growth of hair. Start at the back of the neck and clip the hair away in smooth lines in the direction of growth. Leave all of the hair on the head, tail legs and undercarriage. Watch out for clippers getting hot as you use them, to prevent burning the skin of your dog.
  4. When you have finished clipping your dog he should almost look like the picture you are working to. Then it’s simply a case of using the blending scissors to make the short hair and feathers look as natural as possible, shaping the face and tail and trimming the bottom of the feathers with your scissors.
  5. Finally, you can tidy up the feet if they are long haired by brushing all of the hair back towards the ankle and cutting away the bulk between the toes. Then placing the dog’s paw flat on a surface and cutting around it for neatness.

The first time you groom a dog it can be pretty terrifying but soon becomes a really enjoyable experience. The more research you do the better and if you look at the breed of your own dog and how he is traditionally groomed, you will get a better idea of the finished product you are aiming for.

Remember that practice makes perfect and it’s a really good idea to watch some videos of professional groomers following the steps above too, you might just love the process and never take your dog to the groomers again.