Home Based Dog Grooming

Home Based Dog Grooming – Easy When You Know How

Every town has a dog groomer or two. Yet they always have a long waiting list and often struggle to fit people in. Grooming and even clipping your dog at home is easy when you know how though, it’s just a case of choosing between 3 basic styles and learning to create them.

All dog work to three styles, they switch the head, legs and tail lengths around depending on the dog but generally they clip one of the following 3 hairstyles:

  1. Long Legged Terrier
  2. Short Legged Terrier
  3. Spaniel Cut

Let’s take a closer look at them shall we?

At Home Dog Grooming – Terrier Cuts

The long legged terrier and short legged terrier cuts are basically the same style on many breeds and the name is literally based on whether the dog has long or short legs, it really is that easy. For instance, the standard poodle, Airedale terrier and other big clipped dogs have their body clipped shorter than their legs, head and often their tail. The longer hair on the legs head and tail is then fluffed up with the drier and shaped with scissors.

The final shape is usually dependent on breed. For instance, the poodle has more hair left and shaped on her legs than most other long legged terrier cuts. It’s easy enough to find pictures of groomed dogs and with a pair of super sharp scissors and quality clippers recreate the style yourself. Practice makes perfect!

The short legged terrier cut is used on any dog from the Shih Tzu to the Bichon, the dog’s hair type often dictates style. Some are fluff dried and shaped with scissors, such as the Bichon, whilst others are clipped close and simply have longer leg hair that is shaped in the same way.

At Home Dog Grooming – Spaniel Cut

The spaniel style is easier still. This is a style that is used with dog breeds that have long, fine hair that can be dried completely straight and again styled with scissors. Spaniels, setters and even collies can be styled with the spaniel cut, whether clipped or not because the feathers around the undercarriage and tail can simply be adapted to match the length of hair on the body.

Thinning scissors are a good idea for the spaniel cut as they make it easier to style feathering around the legs and undercarriage without chopping off big chunks and regretting it. This is great for beginners and building up the confidence to style your dog’s hair at home.

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