Dorwest In Focus

At K9active we have the pleasure of working with many great brands and with their range of veterinary herbal medicines and dietary supplements Dorwest are one of our favourites. We recently had the opportunity to learn more about their brand, products as well as their plans for the future and are pleased to feature the company in this month’s manufacturer interview.

What does your brand stand for?

Over the last 60 years Dorwest has grown to be the most knowledgeable and progressive brand in the field of herbal pet care which has earned us the position as the UK’s number one and leading herbal company for pets. By combining our expert knowledge and traditional values with the highest scientific standards and high quality ingredients we produce a range of herbal products that work in harmony with a dog’s own defences to treat a range of medical conditions as well as maintain radiant health and vitality.

Where did the brand begin?

Dorwest was born in 1948 in Dorset, where we are still based today although we have grown enormously over the last 60 years. We are now a third generation family business and with each generation Dorwest has moved forward bringing together our passion for dogs and cats with an understanding of the benefits using plants and herbs to bring natural health and balance to the health of pets across the world.

Why this particular product range?

We are very much dog lovers and pet enthusiasts here at Dorwest with a keen interest in showing and working dogs. Over the years this has enabled us to understand both the nutritional needs and common aliments pets experience throughout their lives and this has formed the basis of our range. As pet owners ourselves we know how important they are and how over the years owners expectations have changed. We only ever introduce new products to our range when we believe there is sufficient demand with each new product being subject to extensive research and trials to ensure there will be a genuine benefit to the pets health.

How big is your product range?

The Dorwest product range consists of six licensed veterinary herbal medicines long with seventeen dietary supplements. Our licensed veterinary herbal medicines range can be used to treat many of the common chronic conditions seen in dogs and cats such as arthritis, skin complaints, digestive ailments, mobility disorders and behavioural conditions as well as others and this is complimented by our dietary supplements along with others

Are there any individual dogs associated with your brand?

We don’t have any individual dogs or breeds associated with Dorwest Herbs but our product range can be used and given to dogs of all types regardless of size from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Mastiff.  Our range is designed so it is suitable for all dogs (and cats) from the age of 8 weeks old regardless of whether they are an active working dog, a show dog or a loved family pet.

Is your founder still working within the company?

Dorwest is now managed by Joanna Boughton-White who represents the third generation of the family and her parents, Tony and Mary Boughton are still involved with some of the technical and practical aspects of the business. Dorwest is a close knit and unique company which is a result of us all growing up within the business environment and we feel it is an integral part of all our personalities. A passion you might say!

What are the future plans for the company?

2015 was a very exciting year for us at Dorwest with a complete re-brand which gave us a fresh new look which both we and our customers love. We took the opportunity to update everything from our very informative website, through to our labelling and even our company vans and we feel it has given us a real boost. This year looks to be equally as busy and very thrilling as we are moving to a brand new purpose built site, not far away from where we are currently based and of course still in the beautiful county of Dorset. The new facility will give us the space to expand our product range and we already have an innovative and exciting new dietary supplement planned which will be launched in the summer.

Thank you Dorwest for taking the time to talk to us at K9active and good luck with the move. We will look forward to hearing more about your new product launch soon.

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