Hurtta Hiker Belt

Getting fit and walking the dog – a perfect combination.

There’s a mountain out there just waiting to be conquered, a long distance path ready to be explored – the sky is the limit. Hiking a trail with your dog by your side, racing across fells, cycling across rivers, the wind in your hair, muscles meeting the challenge you have set to reach your goal, and in the best company you can have.blog1
Now Hurtta have added a great product to their range specifically designed for those wanting to get fit or who are already athletic and who want their dog by their side. When you challenge your body it is best to have all the right equipment. The Hurtta Hiker Belt is a welcome addition.
By attaching a Hurtta dog leash to the belt you can explore the world around you with your dog and both of you are protected.
blog2The Hurtta Hiker Belt is padded, and you can adjust the waist to fit. It has leg straps, easy to step in to, that hold the belt in place across the hardest terrains. It’s flexible, so you don’t get jerked off balance if you go one way and your dog goes the other. It absorbs the stress, giving you confidence to move at the best pace you can, knowing that your dog is safely by your side and you’ll not be getting tangled up or pulled over.
When you get into a rhythm your dog can run alongside, or even run to the front, taking the lead as you work as a team. You can concentrate on the path ahead, keeping your balance and enjoying the freedom. It’s great for cross country skiing, Nordic Walking, mountain hiking, fell running or simply jogging along the road. If you want to be fast and free, this belt will help to keep you both safe.blog4
You may only need to keep your dog on a leash for part of the way, but when there are sheep, rabbits, deer or simply traffic it is often safer for all concerned if the dog is under control by your side. Without a belt you have to hold a lead in your hand and it can throw you off balance. With a belt your arms are free to move and keep you moving forward. You can use sticks for skiing or walking because your hands are unrestricted, and the overall experience will be exhilarating.
blog3The belt comes with pockets to let you carry whatever you need like a water bottle, dog treats, and a mobile phone. 3M reflectors make it easier for you to be seen in the dark, and it has a panic lock, so if for some reason you need to free your dog quickly, you can do it with ease.

So pick your sport, get a Hurtta Hiker Belt and head on out there!