Gear Guide: 7 Summer essentials

Yes, summer is upon us once again. Long days, plenty of time to get out there and enjoy life to the full. Here’s our list of the top items that we recommend to enhance your enjoyment of walking or running with your dog across our glorious mountains and valleys.

Swamp Cooler Dog Jacket by RuffwearRuffwear Swamp Cooler Dog Cooling Coat

Dogs don’t sweat. They often overheat in hot weather, especially if they are running around, getting hotter and unable to cool down effectively. The Swamp Cooler Dog Jacket was designed for just this situation. Dip the jacket in cold water, wring it out and let your dog wear it. The wet jacket, using a process of evaporative cooling, protects against overheating whilst the two of you are hiking. In an emergency it works better than wet towels to bring an overheated dog back down to normal levels and avoids the shock that total immersion can cause. You can feel safer with this jacket.

H2O4K9 Stainless Steel Water Bottle for dogsH204K9 K9Unit Water Bottle for Dogs

Easily carried in your dog’s backpack or hooked on to your own, the K9Unit Water Bottle For Dogs by H204K9 is an insulated, robust wide-necked bottle and bowl combined that lets you bring iced water along on your rambles. So when your wanderings take you away from fresh mountain streams and highland burns, your dog can still enjoy a refreshing cool drink while you both rest and enjoy the scenery.

GripTrex Boots by RuffwearRuffwear Grip Trex Dog boots

When you set off on your hike you’ll make sure that you wear the best and most appropriate footwear you can. That same rugged terrain can play havoc with your dog’s feet. Sharp rocks, hot sand and energetic running can cause sore paws and become very uncomfortable. So why not protect your dog’s feet too? Ruffwear have developed Grip Trex Boots as a fantastic aid to sore paws and scuffed pads. These sturdy, flexible, well-ventilated boots fit snugly while the high quality Vibram sole provides traction during the run. The two of you can climb mountains together whilst keeping your feet protected.

Outward Hound DayPakOutward Hound DayPack

A daypack for your dog! He can carry his own water, food and treats (and some of your stuff too if you ask nicely). It’s an all-in-one combi backpack and harness with an air-mesh back to help keep him cool and a D-ring for leash attachment. When you are negotiating those tricky bits along mountain paths there’s a grab-handle, so that you can help him out if required, or he can give you a hand if you need one. It also provides a safety feature, as it makes the two of you easy to see, with the panniers in vibrant colour options of bright blue and lime green.

Haul Bag by RuffwearRuffwear Haul Bag

You’ve arrived at the start of your adventure, the weather is tempting, the scenery calling you to get out there and enjoy yourself. You’re ready to go – but wait – where is the dog’s bowl. What did you do with his coat, his backpack, his boots? You know you packed them, didn’t you? They were in a plastic carrier – or was it a suitcase? Why, oh why didn’t you pack them all together? With the Haul Bag by Ruffwear you have a distinctive bag designed specifically for all your dog’s bulky stuff. All in one place, easy to carry and easy to find, it stores everything you need, from bowls and harness to favourite toys.

Ruffwear Kibble KaddieKibble Kaddie from Ruffwear

Finally! A sturdy purpose-made bag to carry your dog’s kibble in. Farewell, carrier bags that spill and split – the Kibble Kaddie is a tough, sturdy, grease-resistant and durable bag designed specifically to be carried around. Use it in the car so the dog food is easy to find and won’t get into everything, or take it with you on your long-distance hike. It’s lightweight, holds up to 10l of kibble and can be rolled down as the food is consumed. There’s a clip carry-handle for easy attachment and a chute in the side so you can pour the food out with ease. In bright green it also helps you to be seen. Just in case.

Quencher Bowl from RuffwearRuffwear Quencher-Blue

A folding bowl to take with you on your trip, the Quencher from Ruffwear has it all. It’s sturdy, foldable and lightweight. Carry it in the car, in your rucksack or let your canine companion carry it in his own backpack. Waterproof, it can be used for water or for food, and is easily packed away when the two of you head off into the hills.

So there you have it – our roundup of the seven essentials that we recommend for you and your dog during the summer months as you go on journeys together. Whether you go on short day trips and enjoy the occasional ramble, head out for days on an exhilarating mountain hike or go long-distance running together, there’s something here for you.

Oh – and don’t forget to send us photographs of your adventures. We’d love to see them.