Hurtta Life Saviour Jacket

If you enjoy spending time by the water with your dog then a good quality life jacket for your four legged friend is a must, regardless of how confident a swimmer they are and the Hurtta Life Saviour Jacket makes an excellent choice.

When choosing a life jacket for your dog one of the main considerations should be how comfortable are they wearing it and do they have a good range of movement so they can enjoy swimming, running and all the other things dogs love to do. Hurtta have taken all this into account when Hurtta Dog Life Jacketdesigning this life jacket and the result is a lightweight product which boasts a streamlined design so your dog isn’t bothered by loose material floating and flapping around them. The Life Saviour Jacket also features adjustable straps with strong plastic fastenings so you can be assured a comfortable, snug fit and with a range of size options you are sure to find the perfect jacket for your dog.

hurtta-6427Buoyance is provided from floats running the length of either side of the jacket so your dog is balanced in the water and this can help improve confidence in those dogs who have not quite mastered the art of swimming. A 100% polyester outer cover means that the jacket will dry quickly once they are back on dry land and have had a quick shake.
It can be that sometimes when swimming, kayaking or boating with your dog it is necessary to get hold of them either to point them in the right direction, to encourage them back to safer waters or to get them back to the shore. To help you with this the Hurtta Life Jacket has a sturdy and convenient grab-handle on the top meaning that you can gently steer your dog where you need them to go without the need to reach a collar or have your dog on a lead, which can spoil the fun for both of you. If however you do want to attach a lead or id tag to your dog you will find a strong steel ring on the jacket which makes getting your dog to the car or boat easy without having to remove his or her life jacket.

Because of the combination of a lightweight design, excellent flotation and the firmly attached handle this fantastic product is also suitable for use in a therapy setting. Dogs who are attending hydrotherapy sessions following injury , to improve fitness or simply just for the fun of swimming will be offered support from the life jacket while the therapist in the water with them will find the Life Saviour Jacket helps them to position the dog in the water without hindering movement. You will also find the grab-handle helpful for assisting your dog out of the water as it helps spread the weight of the dog as you lift or aid them.

So whether you are joining your dog for a swim, enjoying a leisurely holiday on a boat or simply messing about in the water the Hurtta Life Saviour Jacket will help to keep your dog afloat regardless how well or otherwise they swim.