Cottage Holidays and your dog

When it comes to planning a holiday finding accommodation that welcomes the family dog is essential for many dog owners. Fortunately there are now an increasing numbers of holiday providers who offer dog friendly options and for many booking a stay in a dog friendly holiday cottage is the ideal choice. So how do you go about finding a suitable holiday cottage and what are the must have items to make your home from home as comfortable as possible for the canine holiday maker?

  1. Dogs Trust Welcome Cottages. When it comes to finding a dog friendly holiday cottage personal recommendation can be a great option. However if you don’t have this or fancy trying somewhere new the Dogs Trust Welcome Cottages partnership have a wide selection of dog friendly holiday cottages to choose from. Not only can they help you find a great holiday 10% of every booking is donated to the Dogs Trust to help them support and rehome dogs across the country.
  2. The Wander Bed by Kugo. Having a comfy place to sleep is important for all of us when we head of on holiday and your dog is no exception to this although sometimes taking their bed from home is just not practical. With its waterproof bottom which ensures it doesn’t slip around we find the Wander Bed by Kugo is ideal for throwing in the car and heading off for a few days away and once you arrive the bed provides a cosy place to settle at the end of a day of exploring.
  3. Quick Dry Towel by Eqdog. If you are anything like us part of being on holiday is getting out and exploring new places which can mean getting wet or muddy, sometimes both! The quick dry towel by Eqdog comes in very handy on these occasions as the absorbent microfiber is great for cleaning up the wettest of dogs before heading back to the holiday cottage. It’s also great for drying hair if you’ve been caught out in a sudden downpour!
  4. Kibble Kaddie by Ruffwear. When heading off on holiday with your dog making sure you have enough food for them but without having to cart a sack of kibble with you can be problematic when it comes to packing. The Kibble Kaddie holds up to 10kgs of dried food and with the magnetic seal which doubles as a handy pouring chute it saves the problem of ripped carrier bags spilling food in the car or as you are unpacking in your cottage.
  5. Orbee Tuff Carrot by Planet Dog. Being on holiday isn’t all about being busy and sometimes you just want to stay in your home from home relaxing and taking some time out from the pressure of everyday life. On days like these or even if you are heading out for a meal with your dog the Orbee Tuff Carrot by Planet Dog is an interactive toy which you can fill with treats to keep your dog amused while you enjoy some quiet time.
  6. DogTrac. Obviously the last thing you want to think about when on holiday is losing your dog but unfortunately it does happen and with your dog being unfamiliar with the area it is even more important that they have adequate identification to find their way back to you as soon as possible should the worst happen. Using a tag which features a unique QR code, DogTrac are just one company who are using smart phone technology to help reunite dogs and their owners who have managed to lose each other.
  7. Scullcap and Valerian Tablets by Dorwest. While going on holiday is something we all look forward being away from home in a strange place can be stressful for some dogs. Scullcap and Valerian tablets by Dorwest are a natural way to help dogs relax without affecting their normal behaviour or making them drowsy so they can still take part in whatever is planned for the day. This fully veterinary licenced herbal medicine can be used short term in the first few days of a holiday to help reduce anxiety or as needed on singular occasions for example if a dog suffers from travel issues.

These are just a few of our favourite holiday essentials and in addition we always pack first aid kits (one for dogs and one for humans), bowls, spare leads and collars, the list could go on and on.

So if you are heading off to a dog friendly holiday cottage for a few days away, enjoy and we’d love to see your holiday photos.