Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light

Whether you and your dog – or indeed, dogs – enjoy the experience of walking around town, in the country or on the beach by moonlight then at this time of year it’s essential you have a piece of lighting kit you can trust to make your dog visible. And the Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light certainly ticks that particular box.

In fact, so reliable is this piece of kit that it’s actually used by the army on manoeuvres.
It’s particularly useful for puppies since it happens to be ‘chew-proof.’ Older dogs that enjoy a winter swim will also be covered since it also comes with excellent water-proofing properties. It’s also capable of withstanding weight of up to 100kg. A pretty robust piece of kit then!

Light so strong it can be seen up to 5km away

Not only that, but the light is so strong on the Orbiloc that it can be see an astounding 5km away. In addition, it can show where your dog is within a 270 degree arc. It’s also strong enough to be seen through mist, cloud and even blizzards – all of which can be found more frequently than most of us would like at this time of year.

The intense illumination means that not only will motorists be able to spot your dog quickly and avert a potentially nasty accident, but you too will be able to find him or her if, taking advantage of your daydreaming, they decide to wander off on a recce of their own.

Meanwhile, getting back to more technical matters, the light is produced via LED so that you can rest assured it’s guaranteed to last for ages (up to 250 hours, in fact) before you need to even think about replacing the battery.

Safety for dogs and humans

A very handy accessory – which can be attached to both dog AND human – the Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light is easy to attach either to the dog’s collar or his/her harness as well as a separate light for your own belt/waistband or rucksack. This is achieved by using the buckle directly or utilising the rubber or Velcro straps, all included in the accessories pack which comes along with your purchase of the light.

Two new colours available – purple and pink

Since its introduction by the Danish company of the same name last year, the light has been available in a range of rainbow colours such as yellow, green, blue, white and red. But now we’re pleased to add that two new shades arrived this summer in the form of a rather funky purple and pink. We’re curious to see what shades they’re going to introduce next year!

Meanwhile you’ll find that the updated design of the Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light also makes it much easier when you want to change from solid light to flashing mode and vice versa.

Replacement kits means it’ll last years

This clever canine illuminator also comes with Replacement Straps – either in steadfast rubber or quick-release Velcro (choose depending on what you want to attach the light to) – and a Service Kit. The latter is a Silicone O-ring replacement to ensure the light remains watertight, and brighter, for longer, as well as two replacement CR2032 Lithium batteries. Both the Replacement Straps and Service Kit are available as separate items in addition to the Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light itself.

However, you don’t have to worry about anything running out or falling apart within several years since the Orbiloc Light actually comes with an impressive three year guarantee on materials and craftsmanship. The light retails at £19.99 but can you really put a price on you and your dog’s safety?

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