The Front Range. Our best selling Harness and Leash

If you’re looking for a fully adjustable, hard wearing and seriously comfortable harness that your dog can wear all day every day, look no further than Ruffwear’s bestselling Front Range Harness and matching Front Range Leash.
The Front Range Harness and Leash are designed to meet the needs of dogs of all types, from the lively city mutt that needs to navigate busy urban roads to reach the dog park, to energetic rural dogs that take part in activities such as hiking and trail running. Read on to find out more.

The Front Range Harness

All dog harnesses are not created equal; a poor quality or badly fitting harness can cause painful pinching and rubbing as well as uneven pressure distribution across your dog’s back. When it comes to particularly active or playful dogs, a lot of harnesses simply can’t handle the rigours of extended daily use either!

Front Leash Attachment
Front Leash Attachment

Enter Ruffwear’s Front Range Harness, which is designed to withstand the challenges of the most active of dogs and inhospitable of conditions, offering superior comfort and freedom of movement as well as a range of useful features designed with both dog and owner in mind.
Hardwearing, comfortable padding on both the chest and belly make the Front Range Harness suitable for all day use without rubbing or pinching, and two strong and sturdy attachment points for your leash allow you to select the most comfortable and appropriate leash position.

Top Leash Attachment
Top Leash Attachment

Super-strong Airloc buckles and three-point slider adjustments ensure that your dog’s harness will not slip or loosen the move, and that you will not have to keep re-adjusting it either!

Handy ID Pocket for your dogs tags
Handy ID Pocket

There is a handy and secure ID pocket to allow you to keep your dog’s tags on them at all times in accordance with the law and of course, to ensure that you will be reunited promptly if your dog gets lost, without running the risk of the tags catching on undergrowth or flying about when your dog runs.

The Front Range Harness is available in six colour options from subtle, muted twilight grey through to colourful orange poppy, and all colours benefit from reflective piping to ensure that your dog can be seen even in dim light.

Your harness can be hand washed at home with a mild detergent to keep it smart and clean.

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness Colours

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The Front Range Leash

Pair your Front Range Harness with the matching Front Range Leash, available in all of the same colour options!
The Front Range Leash is 5’ long and constructed of 1” wide sturdy but light nylon webbing over closed cell foam. The handle is padded for comfort on-the-go, and it also boasts a traffic handle to allow you to keep your dog under close control when crossing the road or navigating hazards.


One-handed attachment and detachment is enabled by means of a low-profile Crux Clip, and the Front Range Leash even incorporates a handy accessory loop beneath the handle so that you can keep your poo bags or other small accessories close to hand too.

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Leash Colours

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How to choose and fit your dog’s Front Range Harness

The Front Range Harness comes in a range of sizes from XXS to XL, with four points of adjustment on the shoulders and girth to ensure the perfect fit.

Dog Girth (Chest) Measurment
Dog Girth (Chest) Measurment

Measure around your dog’s girth to identify the appropriate harness for their size, and then fit the harness in the first instance with all of the straps fully extended, using the three-bar adjuster points on each side of the shoulder and girth respectively.
When the harness is fitted correctly, you should be able to slide a finger between the straps and your dog’s body comfortably but snugly.
A correctly fitted harness should stay securely in place when your dog is on the move without slipping, nor restricting your dog’s full range of movement. Ensure that the harness sits evenly, and that the straps are adjusted equally on both sides.
The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is designed to be worn all day, every day in comfort, but it is still important to check your dog’s harness regularly to ensure that it is properly secured and does not need adjustment, as your dog’s weight and build can of course fluctuate over time.