New and Updated Ruffwear Gear

Whether your dog is a pampered urban pet or a lively sporting dog, Ruffwear is the go-to name for products and accessories that are built to last as well as designed to look good!
Check out the highlights of Ruffwear’s new season offerings and expanded product ranges for 2017.

Ruffwear Basecamp Bowl

basecamp bowl lifeRuffwear’s new Basecamp Bowl with non-slip base is the perfect choice for dogs on-the-go, providing a generous 1.2L capacity for food or water in a stackable, concave design to save storage space.
Available in three cool colours, the Basecamp Bowl’s stainless-steel construction makes it hardwearing and easy to clean, while the bell-shaped bottom and non-slip silicone base ensures that you can feed and water even the sloppiest of canine diners on the move without a mess!

The Roamer Leash

170524_RUFF_Slough-2509-PRINTIntroducing all-new colour options for 2017, the stretchy Roamer Leash by Ruffwear provides over a metre of additional freedom for your dog whilst still permitting full control when facing hazards thanks to the incorporated safety traffic handle.

The Hoopie Collar

170524_RUFF_Slough-1628-PRINTDesigned for comfort, functionality and good looks, Ruffwear’s Hoopie Collar range has seen some new designs added for 2017, in a range of funky patterns and colours that will really make your dog stand out from the crowd!
The Hoopie is extremely durable without sacrificing comfort, thanks to its soft, tubular webbing and distinctive, robust fixings and fittings, including Ruffwear’s unique tag silencer to prevent jingling!

The Flat Out Leash

170605_RUFF_Caves-3956-PRINTPair your Hoopie with a matching Flat Out Leash, with the same wide range of colours and designs available within the newly extended range.

Ruffwear Hover Craft

170524_RUFF_Slough-2202-PRINTFor lively, active dogs that love to chase, run and jump, the Hover Craft flying disc is designed to challenge even the most athletic and lively of dogs, and like all Ruffwear products, is built to last. Check out 2017’s new colours: Blue Atoll and Sockeye Red, both of which are as attractive as they are bright and distinctive!

Ruffwear Hydro Plane

170519_RUFF-9816-PRINTIf your dog is an enthusiastic swimmer that likes nothing better than retrieving in the water, the Ruffwear Hydro Plane is just the ticket. This light, oversized floating disk is tough enough to withstand a tug of war, but soft enough to retain its shape and ensure that you don’t run the risk of injuring your dog if your aim is a little off when throwing it to them in the water!
Plus, the Hydro Plane’s unique pontoon design and bright new 2017 colours-Sockeye Red and Blue Atoll-ensure that you and your dog will always be able to spot the toy on water or on land, reducing the risk of losing it during a vigorous game of fetch.

The Lunker by Ruffwear

160831_RUFF_Elk-2594-PRINTFor a versatile, hardwearing toy that is soft enough for even dogs with delicate mouths but sturdy enough to survive a vigorous tug of war too, chuck out the new colours for the Ruffwear Lunker, in the same vibrant shades as the Hydro Plane and Hover Craft.
Gun dog breeds and retrievers will love the versatile Lunker, which can be thrown either on land or over water thanks to its buoyancy and ergonomic sausage shape!

Ruffwear Track Jacket

170302_RUFF-7844-PRINTRuffwear’s new Track Jacket is perfect for working dogs to be seen and stay safe or for walks in low lighting, thanks to its distinctive orange colour and highly visible reflective strips.
Beacon lights can also be attached thanks to the jacket’s three loop attachments, and the Track Jacket is streamlined, waterproof and robust enough for dogs on-the-go.

The Beacon by Ruffwear

170302_RUFF-8263-PRINTKeep your dog safe in low lighting or in potentially hazardous environments by ensuring that they can be seen regardless of the conditions by pairing your dog’s Track Jacket or harness with The Beacon, which is also small and light enough to attach to your dog’s collar.
This small but powerful battery-operated LED light is durable, hardwearing and completely watertight, with three lighting modes and two attachment options to provide added versatility.