Casual Introduction – Hurtta Casual Range. New 2017/18!

Hurtta is one of the best-known and most highly regarded names in the canine clothing and accessories field, offering a wide range of top quality, intelligently designed products to meet the needs of dogs and their owners.
Hurtta have just introduced four all-new colour-coordinated additions to their comprehensive product range for dogs-including two distinctive and warm casual jackets for the fashion-conscious dog about town-just in time for winter 2017.
In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the Hurtta Casual Ranges new season offerings, and share some of their main features and benefits.

The Casual Rope Leash

Hurtta’s casual rope leash comes in two different lengths to suit the needs of dogs of all sizes and is ideal for daily use. Sturdy but lightweight, this premium everyday leash can be rolled or folded up to fit into a large pocket when your dog is running loose and is Hurtta_Casual_Rope_leash_11mmconstructed of durable, soft-feel braided cord with aluminium fittings to keep the leash light without compromising on quality!
The Casual Rope Leash has a distinctive classical pattern detailing and is available in three colour options: Ash/Raven, Heather/Geranium and Lingon/River, all incorporating highly visible 3M reflectors to help to keep you and your dog safe when walking on the roads.

The Casual-Y Harness

Pair your Casual Rope Leash with a matching Casual-Y Harness, available in the complimentary distinctive but natural shades of Lingon, Ash, Heather and River respectively.CYH Heather
The Casual-Y Harness comes in eight sizes with adjustable chest straps to ensure the perfect fit and incorporates a lightweight but sturdy design with neoprene padding for added comfort.
Easy to slip on and off and secure and stable once fitted, the Casual-Y Harness is ideal for everyday use, again benefitting from reflective 3M piping to help your dog to be seen and stay safe in low lighting, on or off the leash.

The Casual Quilted Jacket

Hurtta’s new Casual Quilted Jacket is the ideal light, soft and warm everyday coat for CQJ Life 1dogs that need a little extra help staying warm when the seasons change! Designed to protect hairless dogs and breeds with short or fine coats from getting chilled during their urban adventures, the Casual Quilted Jacket is available in “River” and “Heather” colour options and comes in eight sizes, all with an XL fit to meet the needs of more robust dogs.

CQJ River

The Hurtta Casual Quilted Jacket provides vital core insulation and helps to protect your dog’s main muscle groups from cold-related strains and sprains, with full chest coverage and a high neck to keep out those biting winds.
The Casual Quilted Jacket helps to insulate your dog with ultrasonic quilting and a warm wadded lining, as well as benefitting from a soft water and dirt-repellent outer material to protect your dog from showers and keep their coat looking smart. Reflective piping also ensures that your dog will stand out in the dim lighting of those cold winter mornings and evenings!


The Casual Quilted Overall

Finally, the Casual Quilted Overall is ideal for lean, slim dogs such as sighthounds, and

CQO Life 1provides additional protection for dogs who tend to feel the cold, incorporating full leg and chest coverage and designed to meet the needs of slender dog breeds that are often swamped by standard fits!
Protect your short-haired or hairless dog from the cold and wind on urban walks with the same ultrasonic quilting, warm wadding and soft, water and dirt-repellent surface as the Casual Quilted Jacket, but with a little extra coverage for dogs that need it.
Once again available in “Heather” and “River” colour options with reflective piping to help with visibility on those gloomy days, the Casual Quilted Overall is available in nine size options, all with an “L” fit designed to suit narrower dog breeds.

We think you’ll agree the Hurtta Casual Range is the perfect winter choice for keeping your style-conscious pup looking great and keeping warm this winter.