NEW Supreme Pro Dog Drying Coat

Wet Dogs No Longer Smell

Dogs all over the wet UK are at long last enjoying the comfort and health benefits of a new product that has revolutionized the mundane and tedious work of dog drying, the Supreme Pro Dog Drying Coat. We are all familiar with the labour intensive drying that occurs after a wet or rainy walk, swims in the sea or bath time. Not to mention the wet and debris that transfers to the inside of your car and home, along with the ‘doggy pong’ that can linger for weeks. This scenario can be banished for good with an innovative and easy solution from Siccaro.

Put simply, the Supreme Pro robe makes life with dogs much easier, cleaner and less smelly. The Siccaro Supreme Pro robe is made of a unique combination of naturally antibacterial bamboo and viscose that:

  • Can get a saturated dog 80% dry within 15 minutes.
  • Antibacterial bamboo reduces the smell in the car and home.
  • Features Fabric that can hold more than 11 times its weight in water.
  • Has a specially patented ClickLock system that can be operated easily with gloves on and is great for those suffering arthritis or other ailments.
  • Unlike other dog dryers, it has great coverage of the chest, belly, ears and neck.

Supreme Pro Features Infographic

Lissen Marschall, the founder of Siccaro grew up playing in the workshop of her father, Peter Marschall who invented the original ‘Buster’ collar, the revolutionary conical protective collar worn by recuperating dogs that has been a worldwide success.

Supreme Pro Dry Coat MaterialYears after growing up in this inventive environment, Lissen Marschall, whilst exploring absorbent fabrics, she created a unique fabric formulation that can absorb up to 11 times it’s weight in water. Suddenly her innate passion for innovation and animal care resurfaced and she soon realized how beneficial the fabric could be for dogs, and thus, Siccaro’s Supreme Pro drying robe was born.

The Supreme Pro dog drying robe is a super-fast, hands-free way of drying your dog in under 15 minutes means that your dog is warm, dry and relaxed following exercise, training, or working out in the countryside. Joint issues can be alleviated later in life by using the Supreme Pro robe because moisture is drawn away from the skin and muscles of the dog whilst it simultaneously stays warm. It also means the end of wet dogs in your home and car and no more smelly wet towels.

Lissen commented, ‘When we launched the Supreme Pro robe, the field trials community were rather reluctant to put ‘clothing’ on their dogs.’ Now, a few years later, along with many fantastic responses from vets, breeders, gun dog trainers, the police and army specialist dog units, the Supreme Pro robe is now regarded as an essential, hugely beneficial and time-saving tool when dealing with cold and wet dogs.

Siccaro has rapidly gained fans in the UK, including well-respected experts;  

kate-humble-loves-siccaro-wetdogKate Humble author of “A Friend for Life” and BBC Presenter shared about the Supreme Pro and Spirit dog drying robes “My dogs spend a lot of time outside in all weathers… Both dogs are dry within about 5-10 mins of putting the coats on, the car isn’t overwhelmed with the potent smell of wet dog and Badger, who is very scrawny and gets very cold, loves being wrapped up and warm.”

Pete Wedderburn, column writer of ‘Pete The Vet’ for The Daily Telegraph thoroughly test-drove the Siccaro range and said,  ‘If you want an innovative, useful way of managing your dogs’ wetness, they’re (Siccaro products) well worth the investment.’

How can Siccaro help you and your dog?

After wet walks, training or working your dog in the countryside, the challenge is to get your dog dry and comfortable as quickly as possible which is where the Siccaro Supreme Pro robe takes a few seconds to put on and takes the ‘work’ out of caring for your dog. It’s a brilliant solution and will cut the amount of time and energy you put into drying your dog and also washing and drying towels!