PowAir – Banish unwanted doggy smells

As owners of dogs for many years and currently of 4 loving, not always well Behaved furry kids. Who’s are?? 🙂 We are only too familiar with the often embarrassing and unwanted doggy smells around our home and car.

You know the scenario. Family or friends are coming for a visit and you are running around for the candles or room spray to freshen up the rooms and car and trying all sorts to get rid of that wet dog smell you too often become nose blind to.

Well, we have found the solution!! And it’s called PowAir

PowAir is a fantastic Industrial strength odour neutraliser that’s now available for consumers to use around their home and car. It gives you all the power needed to eliminate virtually any type of odour you can throw at it.

With a unique blend of over 40 essential oils that attack, neutralise and destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic smells including our well known ‘doggy smells’ that accumulates in our homes and cars.

PowAir’s unique odour neutraliser comes in a variety of forms:

PowAir GelPowAir Gel Odour neutraliser. Get rid of unwanted doggy smells. Available today at K9active

Great for tackling persistent odours and giving long-lasting protection. Simply open the jar and place in the room where the smell is found.

PowAir Block

PowAir Block Odour neutraliser. Get rid of unwanted doggy smells. Perfect in your car or cupboardsPerfect for confined spaces like cupboards your car or van. Just unscrew the lid and place in the desired location (Under the seat in our van). The block will release its powerful odour neutraliser agent and keep that location free from those unwanted smells.

PowAir Spray

PowAir Spray Odour neutraliser. Get rid of unwanted doggy smells. Available today at K9activeThis is a professional grade odour neutraliser. Keep one on hand and just spray for instant odour neutralisation. Perfect for use around the dogs bedding or where they sleep and can be used on natural fibre clothing etc.

PowAir Penetrator

The powerful Penetrator spray has a dual action formula packing over 40 PowAir Penetrator. The ultimate pet urine and sick odour neutraliser.essential oils and a range of microbial enzymes, this is an odour neutraliser that is unrivalled. Its double acting strength means it is effective at combating even the most stubborn odours such as pet urine and fox faeces or sick. The enzymes act to break down any biological fluids and render the smell null and inert.

PowAir has been successfully neutralising odours for over 22 years and unlike many of their competing products, do not just mask smells but actually eliminate those bad odours. A natural odour solution that does not contain any toxic or harmful ingredients and that are safe to use around your pets and family and the environment.

How Long will it last?

Under ideal conditions, the PowAir Gel or Block can last 30-60 days each. The answer varies as the product works by way of evaporation. Factors such as temperature, humidity and airflow can affect the rate of evaporation and how long the product will last.

What size rooms does the 500ml PowAir cover?

The Block is a solid and evaporates slowly so is best used in small areas like under the kitchen sink, in the cupboard or in your car. The Gel 500ml is perfect for approximate room sizes of 4mtr x 4mtr. Depending on the severity of the odour you may need larger or multiple tubs.

In order to get total neutralisation make sure that enough PowAir is dispensed into the air. The more odour elimination required the more PowAir necessary.

Tip: the strength of PowAir can be increased by increasing the surface area of gel exposed so decant from the jar into larger containers. Another top tip is to use the spray directly onto bedding, curtains or carpets where your dog lays.

If you can smell the PowAir reduce its exposure. If you can smell the odour, increase the exposure of PowAir.

Well, we at K9active can certainly attest to the Power of PowAir at neutralising the unwanted doggy smells around both our home and car. No longer are we worried about that unscheduled visitor being hit by “The Doggy Smells” as they enter. Just the excitable attention of 4 large dogs to deal with 🙂