New In Store – Vizz Head Torch

If you would like a Head lamp with some snazzy extras then the Vizz from Princeton Tech may just be the one for you. Created to be highly robust yet for a number of purposes this really is a perfect, comfortable headlamp for night walks, runs and wandering around the park or campsite in the dark. The feature loaded Vizz head lamp…

K9Active – Our Story

K9Active seems to have grown so much that we can barely hang onto the leash. What started as a single Ruffwear purchase for our own pooches is now our life, income, business and what a fantastic way to live.

K9Active is the epitome of a family business. We pride ourselves on the personal touch for every customer contact that we receive. We know that in order to maintain our lifestyle and build our service then we need to ensure that our customers are happy.

We know how lucky we are and so far it has been quite a journey. Not too long ago the K9Active store was little more than the twinkle of an idea.

Living in the Scottish hillside with a pack of dogs we adore walking, hiking, the outdoors and generally exploring everywhere we can with our canine friends. Anyone that has walked in the heathery hills will know that the weather can be changeable. The hiking can be harsh and canine kit needs to match the varying climate and climbing conditions.

Chez and Amber – Our First Ambassadors

Our canine family have always been at the forefront of our lives, Chez was our beautiful Weimaraner that sadly left us in 2011. The dog that was there from the beginning is now a memory but it is because of him and Amber, our Belgian Shepherd, K9Active exists today.

The first item of Ruffwear kit that we purchased was a Palisades Back Pack. Chez loved it and wore it on every walk, he literally advertised the product to the hills around him, and everyone on them. Before long people were asking where they could find such fantastic equipment for their own dogs and K9Active was created.

Later in his life Chez became Chief bed tester and our old boy never gave up the most comfortable spot in the house, regardless which one of us had to move for him. He will always be in our minds and hearts.

The Canine Chaos of K9Active

As our business has grown so has our canine family. Amber, after taking over the role of Chief product tester, now shares her home with no less than three other dogs. Each dog has an enthusiastic and important role to play in our life and the business.

Blue is the smallest of our dogs and in true Vizla style he feels the cold so is a great comfy coat tester. If you buy any of our coats for your own shivery dog then you can be certain Blue has tested it. If it doesn’t keep Blue cosy warm then we don’t sell it. He also loves chickens and is quite fascinated by the four in our garden. Thankfully he hasn’t made the connection between our feathery friends and his regular chicken dinner.

Kaizer and Sky are our wonderful Weimaraners. They are the Yin Yang of this beautiful breed and whilst Sky is full of energy and confidence Kaizer is one of the most laid back dogs we have ever known.  Both are more than willing to test toys though only Sky will swim because Kaiser is not, so far, keen to get his paws wet.

Then there is visiting Dexter who is part of the family yet one of our ‘grandchildren dogs’. Belgian Shepherd Dexter is always wearing one of our products and thoroughly enjoys the chance to show it off. He is secretly quite taken by Amber but she maintains her aloofness towards him most of the time, as a lady often will. Blue our Hungarian Vizla more than makes up for Ambers distance though and is Dexter’s favourite playmate. These two boys have really clicked.

K9Active Today

In 2010 our fledgling business really began to fly. This was when we began to attend popular dog shows.  We thoroughly enjoyed attending the Scottish Kennel Club at Edinburgh, Bark in the Park a local charity show to raise money for re-homing dogs and our favourite show the Scottish Countryside Festival at Glamis Castle. We even did our Crufts debut in 2013 and are planning to make Crufts a regular date on the K9Active calendar.

In 2010 we also met our sponsored team Colin and his Border Terrier Mitch. Colin and Mitch are formidable CaniX runners and have been the fastest team in Scotland for a while now. Whilst Mitch is beginning to fancy semi-retirement Colin continues to run, going from strength to strength, with his latest addition Anna – an Australian Kelpie that was born to run.

Exciting New Ventures

The most exciting thing about summer 2014 for K9Active is our new website. We found that the original site and logo was soon outgrown by the business itself. The new website is super mobile friendly and easy to use on any device that you own. With easy use checkouts and a fresh new logo we can’t wait to see what you think of it.

To celebrate our website launch we have an equally awesome 30 day prize giveaway. With a total of £1500 worth of prizes being given away over 30 days – including vouchers, toys, treats and canine equipment our regular- and new customers have the chance to win something fantastic each day for 30 days. Simply visit the website for more details. You can also find information on the Facebook page.

The pride that we feel on starting our online store is still firmly in place. We feel very lucky being able to discuss and advise every single one of our customers, personally, about each item that we sell. We only represent the things that we believe in and that we have tested for ourselves.

Even though we now we sell hundreds of products to thousands of customers we are still that small team that began with Chez and his palisades backpack.

If you contact K9Active you will speak to one of us. We are real people with personally tested products and we know that dogs can be awkward and bulky. We know that dogs can chew and chase. Most of all we know that you and your dogs are the reason for our success as a business.

Thank you and have fun out there,

The K9active team Zena, Keith, Mike, Amber, Blue, Kaizer, Skye and Dexter.

New dog toys at K9active – Fluff & Tuff

Introduced to our website earlier this month was a great new range of Ultra plush durable dog toys from Fluff & Tuff. These fun and creative true to life designs are made to an excellent standard with high quality fabrics and their ‘tuff-luv’ construction specification combining to create a soft yet durable toy. It’s worth pointing out they are not made of hard rubber or knotted rope so…

New Additions to the K9Active Team

After losing our beloved Chez in July 2011, we had decided towards the end of the year that New Year 2012 was the time to add to our Family.  After a lot a deliberation we decide on two Weimaraner puppies, a little boy and a little girl. We have never had two puppies at once before and thought we should be fine…

K9Active Launches New improved Web Store

We finally launched our new improved Store. Our new store will allow us to make your shopping experience faster and easier with features such as our mobile shop for I-Phone and Android Mobiles and our new One Page Checkout. A New Facebook shop will be opening soon allowing you to buy directly through our facebook page. And we’ve managed to increase the…